Step 2: Different Types of Tooling (Cont.)

Brazed carbide tooling would be considered the next step from the basic HSS tooling. These tools feature a steel body, with a carbide tip brazed onto the end. While these tools are quite common (Most techshop lathe tools are brazed carbide), I have never had good success with them. From my experience, they are difficult to get good finishes with, and are require a green wheel to sharpen.

Brazed carbide toolbits can be similar in cost to regular HSS toolbits, or three to four times more expensive. While I don't recommend it, if you do want to go with brazed carbide toolbits, you can see extended tool life over HSS, especially in hard materials.
<p>I was really hoping to find something about tool to use for facing and which tool to use for turning?</p><p>But your instructable has other good information. Thanks</p>
<p>Nice instructable. thks.</p>
<p>I have an older smithy 1220 and want to upgrade my tool holder. there is a dizzying array of manufacturers, brands and sizes out there. How do I find out what aftermarket tool holder size is right for my lathe? </p><p>At first I wanted to try and save money by making my own, but it looks a bit daunting for someone (me) who is just starting out in this hobby and doesn't have all the tooling needed to do the job. </p>
Trouble with indexable carbide on amateur lathes is usually a lack of stiffness in the machine, leads to tool chatter, and tool chatter leads to edge failure very quickly. <br> <br>Don't mess around with tool height adjustments like that, beg/borrow/steal a decent vernier or digital height gauge. Measure the centre of your machine relative to the cross slide, and set your tools off that.
Thanks a lot, I really appreciate the discussion of the different types of tools. I opened up the Techshop cabinet for my first independent lathe session and was quite puzzled at the variety. I plan to get some of my own, and this was a good place to start.
A nice clear explanation. Thanks. I've not got a lathe (yet) but found this interesting.
This is a very thorough first post, thank you so much for the share. Your steps make lathing a much less daunting tool to use.

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