There is very important information regarding the set up of the MIG welding machine discussed in the MIG welding SBU.  This instructable is only to guide you during your first set-up of the machine.  Please remember to follow the rules and instructions provided in the class!

After teaching hundreds of hours of welding classes at TechShop I have found that students have a hard time remembering some of the steps to get the machine set up.  This instructable is to serve as a guide for people that have passed my MIG welding class but need a bit of a refresher on how to set up the machine.

NOTE:  This instructable is not meant to replace the MIG welding SBU at TechShop Menlo Park, it is merely here as a supplement for those that have already taken and passed the class.

Step 1: Getting Ready to Get Ready

There are a few things you will need to take care of before you can assemble the the torch and weld.

1) Get the welding cage open.  If you can find a staff member roaming the shop ask them to open the welding cage.  If you can't find anybody, the front desk will be happy to page the appropriate staff member for you.

2) Grab the MIG kit that is specific to your machine (either 1 or 2).  Fill in the tool check out form on the clipboard.  Make sure to check the MIG box before filling out the tool checkout.  There should be both a contact tip and a gas cup in the box.

3) Grab a pair of MIG welding gloves, an auto-darkening helmet, the MIG pliers, and the MIG dip (nozzle gel).
why don't you leave the mig set up all the time so its is flip the power switch , turn on the c25, dial in the settings and go?
If we did that we would have a problem with people using the machine that haven't taken and passed the class. Locking the parts away keeps it much safer.
oh that makes sense. i co-own a metal shop in which people pay a membership fee to use ( sort of like tech-shop ) except that to join you have to take safety classes for all the machines. since all the members have taken all the classes i leave all but our tig machines and our cnc plasma, set up. but looking at your facility that wouldn't make sense yall have way more machines and tools then my shop. kinda wish now that the nearest techshop isn't 350 miles away.
TechShop is pretty cool for having so many things available, but it sounds like you have a great shop too!
thanks. do y'all have a flowjet there? if so how useful is it?
In Menlo Park we do not have a flowjet, we have a CNC plasma cutter instead. They do have a flowjet in San Francisco and in San Jose. The flowjet is extremely handy because you can use it to cut through things that are not conductive and/or brittle things such as glass, ceramic, or even fabric.

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