This instructable is for students who have taken and passed the STICK WELDING SBU at TechShop Menlo Park.  I will discuss the proper set-up of the SMAW equipment and filler rod selection.

Haven't taken the stick welding SBU??  Sign up for it on the interwebs, http://techshop.ws/take_classes.html?storeId=1&categoryId=24

Step 1: Plug in the Machine

This is the most dangerous part of setting up the stick welding machine.  First of all, make sure that the power switch on the front of the machine is set to OFF.  Then, make sure the safety switch on the wall is set to OFF.  Now it is safe to plug in the machine.  After all leads are plugged in, flip the safety switch to the ON position.
In the photo of the Lincoln welder the electrode holder (stinger) has an extra "U"-shaped piece welded to it near the end. What is its purpose? I have not seen that before. Thank you.
Good eye Phil! The plastic piece that shields the hot part of the electrode holder broke off. I welded those two U-pieces on the electrode holder so you can set it on the table without fear of the bare electrode holder striking an arc to the welding table.
Thank you. That makes good sense.

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Bio: My background: -over 10 years of welding experience and an AS degree in welding technology. I am also a welding instructor at TechShop Menlo Park ... More »
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