There is very important information regarding the set up of the TIG welding machine discussed in the TIG welding SBU.  This instructable is only to guide you during your first set-up of the machine.  Please remember to follow the rules and instructions provided in the class!

After teaching hundreds of hours of welding classes at TechShop I have found that students have a hard time remembering some of the steps to get the machine set up.  This instructable is to serve as a guide for people that have passed my TIG welding class but need a bit of a refresher on how to set up the machine.

NOTE:  This instructable is not meant to replace the TIG welding SBU at TechShop Menlo Park, it is merely here as a supplement for those that have already taken and passed the class.

Once you have set up the machine properly you are one step close to welding a watertight cube like the one in the picture!

Step 1: Getting Ready to Get Ready

There are a few things you will need to take care of before you can assemble the the torch and weld.

1) Get the welding cage open.  If you can find a staff member roaming the shop ask them to open the welding cage.  If you can't find anybody, the front desk will be happy to page the appropriate staff member for you.

2) Grab the TIG kit, a pair of TIG welding gloves, an auto-darkening helmet, the TIG calculator, a cleaning brush (specific to your metal) and any other things that you need to complete your TIG welding project.

3) Fill in the tool check out form on the clipboard.  Make sure to check the TIG box before filling out the tool checkout.
<p>I need suggestion regarding this problem going on in my company.In my company they need some simple set up for TIG welding to weld the upper small part shown in picture on Candy cane part,I need the best Idea for simple set up for the TIG welding that any operator can do it n would work perfectly.Company has very few part in this order so that they don wanna spend much money for Robotics or any CNC work.All I need is a better Idea (you can show in rough drawing hand made). </p><p>Here in second and forth pic I have shown the table they used to hold the pipe tightly while welding but it isnt perfect also in third pic it was a set up for some other welding part that we can used it if necessary.</p><p>Please help me Asap,its urgent .</p>
should look into using a ball flow regulator instead of guages. so u can get a better understanding gas flow
smart way of doing things
u might wanna repair that tig torch tho
not always tho depending the thickness of yr metal tho. 1in. plate will be a better heat sink than a 1/4 in. plate.
Just took the SBU at Menlo Park with you and have a question, When using the slide calculator does using a V-groove on the weld effect the values used for metal thickness?
It does affect the amperage. Lets say you were doing a butt weld on 1/4&quot; steel that had a V groove. Your first pass would require less heat than your last pass because on your last pass there will be more metal in the joint. <br> <br>Hope that helps!

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