Step 3: Assembling the torch

1) The bare torch

2) Screw the correct size collet holder into place on the front of the torch (the end with the white stripe).  The rounded end of the collet holder should be pointing forward.

3) Slide the correct size collet into the back end of the torch.  Insert the collet with the slotted end facing forward so that the rounded edge of the collet meets the rounded edge of the collet holder.

4) Screw the back end cap onto the back end of the torch (the end WITHOUT the white stripe).  Be careful to avoid cross threading as the back end cap threads are made of a harder material than the internals of the torch.  You may be charged for damage to the torch if you are deemed responsible.

5) Screw the gas cup onto the collet holder.  The rounded end of the gas cup should make contact with the white stripe on the TIG torch.

6) Insert the correct size and type of tungsten into the torch.  See notes below.

7) The radius of the opening of the gas cup designates your tungsten stick out.  If the opening of the gas cup is 1/4", your tungsten should stick 1/8".

-Make sure to use the GOLD band tungsten for AC welding and ORANGE band tungsten for DC welding applications.

-AC welding does not require that you grind your tungsten.  If you leave a square edge on the end of the tungsten it will turn into a ball during AC welding.
-for DC welding, make sure that all of your grinding marks are running in the same direction--parallel to the tungsten-- in a straight line.  The length of the cone (the section that is ground to a point) should be double the diameter of the tungsten.

-the collet and collet holder need to be the same size as your tungsten.
u might wanna repair that tig torch tho