Simple walk through that shows how to make a shell script that will down load a program from a ftp site then compile it then download it to the picaxe.

(This is also my first instructable)

Step 1: What I Used

This is what i used

1x ubuntu
1x picaxe 08m
1x breadboard
2x led
jumper leads
some way to program the picaxe i use the PICAXE021 prototyping board with jumper leads to the breadboard

You can pretty much use any picaxe micro as long as you adjust and use the correct complier
How about a little schematics? For the stupid ones like me... ;)
Oh yea sorry thought i forgot something. This here is for the download circuit i use. I will also add it to one of the steps
This microcontroller is really simple, I've searched the web and found many documentation about it. I think it will work on a project I'm developing better than the arduino. Hope to see more instructables like this. I really liked it.
Whats your project anyway
I need to control temperature and humidity in a room very precisely and in a pre-programmed schedule. You see, it's not an easy task, it is intended for mushroom growing facilities. For example, during 2 to 3 weeks I need high temperature (about 26C degrees, that's high for mushrooms) and high humidity (90-95%), the both must fall gradually in 4 days to 16C/82% and after that every 14 days have a little up-down in both to 20C/85-90% in 2 days. The circuit must control different climatization equipments, like air-conditioners, heaters, cold/warm water pumps, fans, and so on. And all this must be logged on a computer and done without capacitive RH sensors, they don't work well at high humidity. It is a crazy idea, but if I could make this work, hmmm, there will be a lot of people dying to have such a termo-higrometer.
Wow wasn't expecting that. thats way out of my range of things i can do. Although i wish you luck in your new system
Thanks! When I start with it I'll write an instructable too, just basics of the process...
Thanks i just thought it might help someone somewhere and yes it should work on pretty much anything if you just change the commands and that

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