Setting Up Your Buckets


Introduction: Setting Up Your Buckets

A DWC kit can be very simple and just as effective as an expensive kit, so here's how we make ours for less than £10.

Cut a hole in the bukets lid so you can put the net pot in place.
Get a pair of scissors or drill bit and where the bucket handle joins the bucket make a hole large enough to push you air line through.
Push your airline throug the hole.
Connect your airstone leave it about 3cm above the pots bottom to stop annoying vibrations.

Step 1: Add Your Nutrient Solution

And of course you dont get no where if you dont feed your plants, this is the easy bit with DWC

Check the PH of your nutrient solution and ensure it is between 5.6 - 5.8.
Fill your pots to a level that will immerse the transplanted seedling root zone while in the net pot.
Mark this level on the side with a knife mark for future reference.

Step 2: Transplant Your Seedling / Cutting

Now take your seedling / cutting and transplant into your net pot.

Cover the bottom of the net pot in about 3cm of clay pebbles.
Place your seedling on the clay pebbles.
With one hand carefully holding you seedling in place fill the pot with clay pebbles.
Ensure there is no where for light to get through to the nutrient solution via the net pot
Now place the net pots into your ready prepared buckets.

Step 3: Last Steps

Its not over yet, the most important steps are yet to come.

Connect your air lines to your air pump and turn it on.
Check each pot has adequate air, ie it is bubbling.
Come back in 2-3 hours and check your PH.
PH should be checked and adjusted daily once it has settled.
Change your buckets as your plants demand, this is generally once a week.
It is often common for the PH to fluctuate for the first day or two or any new DWC grow or when you switch to bloom from grow, so always keep a close eye.



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