Step 17: Boats and Docks


Computer paper
Mod podge
Paper clips


The boats act as my ports for the resources so there are five boats in total.  The picture on the sail denotes which resource the boat will be associated with.

I started all my boats as a mostly shapeless blobs with a magnet in the bottom.  The final shaping was all done after then clay was baked in the oven.
Make sure your magnets match up with the magnets already on your board!!

Shape your boats with an exacto and glue in the magnets.
You can use a nail or in my case a drill bit to hold your boats as you paint them.
Now onto the sails.  
Just paint a few circles of color onto your page, let dry and repeat on the other side of the page as well.
Use a detail brush and paint your resources in the middle of the color.
Let the paint dry and cover with a thin layer of Mod Podge.
After everything is dry cut your sails to size.
Grab your paper clips and straighten out.
Cut the paper clip leaving enough to attach to the boat.
Glue the paper clip onto the sail and let dry.
Make a small hole in the inside of your boat for your sail.
Use super glue to attach the sail to the boat.

Four docks will be needed to represent the 3:1 ports on the game.
Once again just form basic shapes with magnets in the bottom and bake the clay.
Shape and paint.
Glue on the magnet and your docks are ready.