I will show you a cheap and easy way to create a playing surface to hold your tiles together and allow you to easily move your game. 

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies


I first looked at Wal-mart and the foam board they had was too small.  I found the appropriate size at Meijer.

What you will need:

1. Pencil
2. Foam Board x 2  (22in. x 28in)
3.Settlers of Catan Tiles
4. X-acto Knife (Cutting Matt)
5. Ruler
6. Glue or other type of adhesive
7. Soda cans or something to use as weights

Step 2: Arrange the Tiles on the Foam Board.

Arrange 7 tiles in the center of the first piece of foam board.  I arranged these length wise.  I used a ruler to get the tiles equal distant from the edges of the foam board.  In my example here, it was ~77mm and ~235 mm from the edges.  I then applied the soda cans to keep the tiles in place.  I then assembled the remaining tiles.

Step 3: Trace an Outline Around the Tiles

Once I centered the tiles on the board, I then used a pencil to trace an outline.  The cans add weight and help the tiles to stay in place while you trace the outline.

Step 4: Finish Marking and Trimming Excess

I added additional lines to achieve an even border.  I also drew sort of an oval to allow easy removal of the lid later.  With all the marks made, I carefully used an X-acto knife to cut all the marks.

Step 5: After Making Your Cuts

Once all the cuts are complete, you should have two pieces.  The center piece you can save for later if you would like a lid for your board.  The lid maybe useful for storage and transport.

Step 6: Marking & Trimming the Bottom Board

I then centered the border piece on top of the second piece of foam board.  Once in place, I marked the edges.  I then trimmed off the excess from the second (bottom) piece.  

Step 7: Glue the Pieces Together

I then glued the border piece onto the bottom piece together.  I used multiple cans to add weight while the glue dried.

Step 8: Enjoy the Finished Product

Once finished you will have an inexpensive board to help keep your tiles in place while you play.  Game on!
<p>Damn, that's a cool way to store your game ! I'd love to see this decorate in the Catan graphics theme :)</p>
Thanks so much! I made one and it works great.
Thanks, I followed your example and made a very similar board for my catan set. I made it for the 5-6 player expantsion. <br> <br>My set was the newer one mentioned above but I don't like the solid border as the pieces still move. This is great and solid. The expansion came with port tiles so it works well. <br> <br>I'm considering cutting it and adding small hinges so it can fold like similar boards but I haven't made the jump yet. <br> <br>
This is fantastic, but seems a bit unweildy for storage. Would there be a way to make one that could be rolled up or something?
simple, cheap and brilliant. Three things that make me say 5/5<br />
It's nice but I see a lot of wastage, you could have done this with one sheet I think?<br /> <br /> L<br />
You could get by with just one sheet if you only wanted a border.&nbsp; Using two sheets is nice, because it allows you to lift and move the game if necessary. &nbsp;&nbsp; <br />
I meant that the spare card from the big hexagon would provide enough material to make the border. You'd have to assemble the border from 6 separate pieces, but you'd only use one sheet of card.<br /> <br /> L<br />
The new version of Settlers of Catan comes with a solid border that you could use for this same purpose, but for those who have the older version of the game this is a great hack!<br /> <br /> Good work!<br />
&nbsp;that is a really neat solution, I really hate it when all the tiles start shifting when there is something placed at the board

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