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Introduction: Settlers of Catan Card Holder

Don't you hate it when you're playing Settlers and your card stacks keep getting messed up and mixed together?  Me too!  Now you can build your own card holder to keep everything neat and organized.

My brother designed this set-up and made the plans for it.  I cut it out of 1/8" clear acrylic with a laser cutter, but he made his out of wood.  You don't need a laser to make it, but I made mine at Techshop!

During game play, he came up with the perfect order for organizing your cards, based on what they're used for:  
Wood, Brick, Wool, Grain, Ore, Settlement

Why this order?   Because:

wood + brick = road
wood + brick + wool + grain = settlement
grain + ore = city
wool + grain + ore = settlement card

So I decided to design some emblems to etch into each card slot as a reminder. 

Once I'd assembled all the files and printed it out, it was super easy to assemble.  Everything slots together perfectly (when using 1/8" thick material), and can be glued in place.  This card holder is even large enough to accommodate expansion packs!

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Do you still have the vector for the etching? That would be an unbelievable touch!

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I'd still be really keen to get the vector artwork to etch the trays. Is this something you would be able to send through? Thanks in advance.

Very nice. I'd like to know the dimensions of the finished product?

I Love this game! I am new to it but I am already hooked! This card holder is awesome! We gotta make one of these for our game.....We have a houseful of Settlers of Catan addicts here! lol

nice i wonder my dad(donedirtcheap) and i love the game Dominion could u use a couple of these for those cards?


(I get wood for sheep :-) - Never fails to make me laugh when playing Catan )

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You must be from New Zealand. :)

I'm from the East Island, ay bro!

I love these!!!! Would you consider selling them? I'd like to purchase two! :)

Can you share your icons that your used?

Also do you have any plans to sell any of these?

This is wonderfully executed! I slapped one together out of plastic canvas, but no one uses it. You should consider checking into marketing these as a set you can order and assemble at home..

This is awesome! I'll have to try it out of wood, since I don't have access to a laser cutter :) Thanks to you and your brother for the awesome idea!

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you can always use the same wood shop tools on plastic if you dont have a laser cutter. just be really careful not to scratch anything in the process

Thanks! Honestly, my tool supply is limited since moving out of my parents' place 5 years ago, so I have VERY few power tools. I was going to use a hand saw... :/

Very clean setup.

I like this alot! REALLY wish i had access to a laser cutter or a cnc router though!