Setup OSMC(KODI) With Remote Control on Raspberry Pi 2


Introduction: Setup OSMC(KODI) With Remote Control on Raspberry Pi 2

Hello just watch the video and it pretty much sums it up of how to setup any remote in your house with OSMC.

This tutorial will show you how to install OSMC(Kodi) onto Raspberry Pi 2 using Putty and how to setup any remote control to navigate OSMC.

This tutorial will also show you how to setup a custom layout configuration for your remote control.

Step 1: Installing OSMC(Kodi)

You first need to install OSMC, to do this we're going to need to download a wizard program provided by OSMC, here is a direct link, click here!

Open the wizard and select your preferred langauge, then select of what Raspberry Pi you are going to run OSMC on then click next. Select the latest update on the next screen then hit continue. You need to select you are installing the files onto for the Raspberry Pi to run of, then after select how OSMC will connect to the internet(It is recommended to have it connect via an Ethernet cable for stability). Click next, then you will be promted



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    The video seems to have been removed. Can you please fix?

    Just downloaded Kodi Remote app from Apple App Store for my iPhone. Configuration was easy, it detected my device on the network, except for some reason OSMC sets up the default username as raspberry and password as pi for the http web server instead of osmc and osmc as I was expecting. Once I sorted that out, it was fine. I had to change OSMC skin to Confluence skin to make sure the http server was switched on, and that's when I spotted the difference in usernames/passwords. Hope it helps someone else who gets connection refused when they are setting it up.

    So, I guess my question (and it might be a stupid one, at that) is that, let's say I'm doing this on a Raspberry Pi 3. The tutorial keeps talking about IR and whatnot. Does the RP3 come with IR built in? The one I got doesn't say it has it. Mentions Bluetooth and wireless but not IR. Is there additional hardware that needs to be added to the Raspberry PI to get this to work?

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    You can attatch an IR receiver to the GPIO pins or use a USB adapter. I've had very good luck with the TSOP38338 made by Vishay, they're about $1 on Mouser. Solder that to a header taken from an IDE cable :)


    2 years ago


    What if I want to control it over my phone? How can I make my phone app detect it?

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    Yatse is an app you can use to control osmc via phone/tablet.