Setup your own DWC Hydroponic Growing System

Many people are switching to DWC as their chosen method, as a result we get many calls and emails about DWC.

So we are getting this blog together for DWC first timers as a step by step guide to help you succeed in your DWC grow.

Many people are switching to LED Grow Lights in combination with DWC from some very dramatic results.

So first things first lets gather the ingredients

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Step 3: Ensure Adequate Air Flow

Air glorious air, never underestimate the power of good clean air, it is just as important as any of the other ingredients in your grow room including light and water. Without adequate air to the plants root zone stunted growth and root rot will occur.

One of the main reasons that DWC is such a fruitful way of growing plants is that they plants get huge amounts of air into the root zone 24/7.

Your DWC pots must have an air stone in the bottom of the pot providing air to the nutrient solution. This ensures that your plants get all the air that they need it also ensures that the nutrient solution does not become stagnant.