Step 14: The Sides

  • Place one of the ribbon strips on the left side of the card holder with the page opening from the left. 
  • Center it on the card holder placing it between the layers of fabric as shown in the picture.  
  • You just need to stick one end of the ribbon into the sides of the front page enough to sew it securely. 
  • Machine stitch each of both of the sides (front and back)of the card holder. 
  • Remove from the machine.
  • Trim the threads.
  • Press well. 
You should have 1 small ribbon left to sew on the right side of the card holder.  
We will do that in the next step.


Thanks for commenting PotatoCoffee and I hope you have a happy rest of December! Sunshiine
No problem! I've been busy making festive cookies and tree decorations this December so I've been very busy! I always leave it to the last minute, literally! I hope you have a great Christmas! <br><br>-PotatoCoffee
Aaaaaaw thanks! Hope you plan on posting all of these great creations! I will be on the lookout! Merry Christmas to you also! Sunshiine
I'm hoping to post the Christmas tree cookies and maybe a tree decoration.
Super I will watch!
What a great job sunshiine!!! Love the added bonus of the recipe card holder - also a super gift idea.<br><br>BTW, I read &quot;credits&quot; and what you said about your son... well, you just made me cry. :-)::::::::::
I cry every-time he thanks me. It means so much. I worked so hard on that dinner. I had the table decorated with grape lights, colored glasses, and handmade napkins. The lasagna was aaaamazing! I had not seen him for 2 years and had missed him so much. He asked for a lasagna dinner. I could not have made that day shiine any brighter! Hope your having fun! Sunshiine
Such a nice story! Thanks for sharing it. We had such a looooooong drive to get here. There was 7 cars in the ditch, four of them were flipped over. It was so slippery, but we made it ok, so that's the main thing.<br><br>Hope you're having fun! Talk to you soon.
I am glad you are safe and sound! Sunshiine
Bravo1<br>And you are an artist: an artist in family, food and sewing. Art takes many forms!
Yes, I understand what you are saying. I come from a family that draws and paints. To me this is art. Oh don't get me wrong, I am an artist but not in brushing the waves of the ocean or coloring a majestic mountain. My art is the art of creating a mood maybe? I embrace your compliments especially the part about family. Thanks! Hope you day shiines brightly! Sunshiine<br>Oh yeah I can't resist, I have been meaning to stop in to see your recent entry about wrapping. A big tear falls and splats to the floor! I was going to do that! Boo hoo! The good news is I always have a back-up! Stay tuned for something very different!
Awesome job Sunshiine! Beautiful recipe holder!
I embrace your comment! Thanks for sharing and I appreciate your creative side as well! Sunshiine
Your contributions just get more and more gorgeous! This one could definitely be two different I'bles.
I appreciate your comment scoochmaroo. I do get carried away sometimes. I guess because I do not have certain artistic talents, I feel I need to compensate. I thought just entering plain butter cookies would not be anything for anyone to shout about. But a plain cookie wrapped in the gift itself might make a bold statement. I would love to be a little tiny mouse with great big ears at the office of Instructables! I would perk right up if I heard any discussions about &quot; you gotta see this one!&quot; It would be interesting to understand how other people perceive creativeness. Hope your side shiines brightly today!<br>Sunshiine
OMG!!!!!<br>those cookies look soooooooooooo delishus!!!!! <br><br>it's been 12 YEARS since I was able to eat normal food...80(
OOOOOOOOO I am sorry to hear that! They were the best cookies that I have ever made! So easy to work with. May the sun warm your heart today!<br>Sunshiine

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