<p>Thank you for the tutorial :) I made these for my friends!</p>
<p>lovely card.. couldn't get video to load but found this one which I think is the same or similar on You Tube...</p><p><a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsnaHa26OVE" rel="nofollow">https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsnaHa26OVE</a></p>
<strong><em>I tried makin the card but i scrwd it awl up lol but it looks really kewl so imma tryy again ^^ :D<br /> </em></strong>
<p>Why can't you use English! It looks like a chimp has got hold of your keyboard, feel sorry if you have children! </p>
Awesome effort! I tried making one for my MOM s bday and here it is...
Can someone please help me? I reaaalllly wanna watch this video but i cant !! its not loading !! Please help. <br>
Thank you golics!<br>Look what I did
superb hushy........how u did? kindly share steps
Did you use red construction paper for your flowers?
oh! it's AMAZING!!! MARVELOUS!!!
This is AWESOME ur very creative but ur videos are way to fast!!!! keep up the grat work<br>
Awesome! Golics! :D
I love this-I tried it and it came out Great! I didnt know paper could do that...;)
Wow really nice...I've been trying to figure out how to make a pop-up card for my son's project in school...you're a great help...Thanks
wow it was so nic a lovely one i wish there were many more such creative ones
omg i can't make it now because the video is to fast and i keep on messing up
i agree with you completely.....this person ruins the idea by making the video so fast =/
I TRIED to make one, but 5 papers and a half an hour later, I found out that you CANT glue al the leaves, but only a few spots. Not a clear video, and she doesn't show the points were the leaves must be glued.<br>It would be a nice card is it was a better instructable.<br>And it's not because i'm not good at this, because a lot of other did work.
BEAUTIFUL and easy!!!! Thank you thank you thank you/
thank you so much for this instructable! I've made one for my English teacher last year and one more this year for my Literature teacher! :D
i made one for my nanna
can somebody send me a template my email is <a href="mailto:mikito_lopez11@hotmail.com" rel="nofollow">mikito_lopez11@hotmail.com</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;please
hey I loved it and I was wondering if you can send me a template please and if you do that will be great
Beautiful &lt;3 I'm going to make my mom one for her b-day
I made mine too! for my mom's b-day!
<p>I like the view of it! I love it! :) This is mine!</p>
Thanks for sharing this great Instructable! I cut the flowers smaller to fit into the blank card I have so it'll fit into a regular envelope.
I&nbsp;wish I&nbsp;had a camera right now, it took me two times to make the one I&nbsp;just made.<br />
WOW... it's SO beautiful im having fun opening it
u got a pic?<br />
<em><strong>AWESOME!!!</strong></em> I made one for my cousin's birthday.<br/>
you sound just like a friend of mine.&nbsp; (random and awkward.....)<br />
too bad I did not see this in time for valentines' day.&nbsp; My friend would have had a nice surprise.<br />
AWSOME IMMA MAKE ONE FOR MY MOM FOR THE HECK OF IT. Is there a way to make it more of a hoilday one like for christmas i would love to make it for my neice and nephew rather then buying one
one would think so, just add the necessary decorations on the outside and inside. The colors, for the traditional, red and green, And the Flowers could be a little more pointed.&nbsp; idk on how to do the flower part.&nbsp; Just a suggestion. <br />
&nbsp;if anyone's looking for some awesome glue for card making, check out control gel. it's like a super glue, so you only need a tiny, tiny dab and a second or two to press it together. works really well!
i just made a variation of this for my wife.&nbsp; i covered the front in hearts and wrote a soppy poem on the back.&nbsp; i'm hoping she's gonna love it :)<br />
&nbsp;This is sooooo awesome. 5 stars
Yay.This is amazing i made one and my whole family loved it!<br />
It looks rally good if you do instead of texta in the centre, glitter. <br />
Thats cool as bro i will try that for my friends birthday, she will get a great suprise =D thanks<br />
Very nice............ i tried it out...... here is my version of it....... my blog <a rel="nofollow" href="http://induspasstime.blogspot.com/">http://induspasstime.blogspot.com/</a><br/>
Wow. This is amazing. I'm making this for my mom for mothers day. thanks.
Beautiful! I made one for my mom for valentines day.
This like so totally rocks my world!
I love your card. When I did it it ended up not opening easily and falling (kind of) apart when I did. I colored half of the flowers orange instead of white, and it looks pretty cool, even though it breaks!!!

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