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VERSION 2.0! I have run the entire guide through Microsoft Word's spell checker, and went through the whole Instructable checking for errors. It should be a lot easier to read and sift through the information. You may notice some new steps as well ;) Enjoy!

In this Instructable I will show you a few tips to make your computer run a lot faster. The great thing about this guide is that everything you'll see is free! This can also benefit you in more ways than one. Each step is a separate way to clean up your computer. These are all great ideas and I hope that you take the time to read them. If you have any suggestions for new topics, feel free to leave a comment and I'll research it!

PLEASE don't be scared by the amount of steps or excessive wording in the Instructable. Each step is one way. For example: All step 1 is saying is to dust your computer. I am just putting more information on it for those who are wondering how or why it works. This seems like a lot to do, but is actually not that much. A lot of the steps at the end may not even apply to you. Once you get started, it will be a breeze for upkeep.

I update the Instructable pretty much every time someone leaves a suggestion in the comments, as you can note with many of the steps featured. Please check back every now and then for something new and update your rating if you see fit. This Instructable will never be 'closed' so express your interest and input!

One more thing: If you have a really old computer, and therefore a very small hard drive, do everything that does not involve installing a program first, and then try the programs if your machine is still sluggish.

Just a note for the steps about the programs that are advertised: this is the program that I use that is free and seems to work great for me. I would suggest using these, but feel free to research into another program and let me know if you found a better one!

Please excuse if there are any steps under construction. If you have any suggestions that would help me, please leave a comment! I am working to get them published in the near future.

Now, let’s get started!

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SG84 months ago
Step 26: Ram Booster (No known free solution...)

I have free software that I'm using in the form of

"FreeRAM XP PRO" Link > http://download.cnet.com/FreeRAM-XP-Pro/3000-2086_...

Download from cnet hope this helps.

#Nice blog thanks it's helped alot :)

LisaW28 months ago

temporary and messy files slow down computer and it affects the overall PC
performance so we need to clear those messy files in order to get back the
earlier speed of a system and there are so many tools like CCleaner and Ninja
TuneUp which we can utilize as defragmentation tool. You can download trial
version from http://www.ninjatuneup.com/
_Scratch_5 years ago
DO not get the windows ("updates") they will kill your computers speed!!!
instead, get a security system like norton or kapersky security. i'm pretty sure they will do the same think protecting wise as window updates (please correct me if im wrong, from past exp. i have found the windows updates will slow down your comp.)
lukethebook333 (author)  _Scratch_5 years ago
I would have to say yes and no. Microsoft released a SP1 that increased speed and disk space quite a bit for all users of Vista a while ago. I would have to say that the risk of a security breach is too great for the minuscule amount of slowing that comes with an update. I haven't noticed any in my experience.
Also, don't use kasperkey or norton.

instead use:

Spybot search and destroy



With those two you can get rid of virus.
i use avast, it is light unless play games 4 10 hours cuz it to scan temp files,play bf4 it on no frame drop
the reason your computer down is unsufficient harddrive space because system tasks on ram flush to harddrive at shutdown, get a ssd drive or a faster harddrive, or the middle sshd
System updates are what help keep your computer safe. No antivirus can do it alone. ALWAYS update your computer if you have the option to.
alizam11 months ago

Very nice post thanks <a href="http://www.softrainy.blogspot.com/2014/09/how-to-increase-ram-speed.html">How to Increase Ram Speed</a>

How to Speed up Your Computer? 18/08/20140 Comments Friends, many of us may not be aware why our computer or laptop get slower with passage of time. Why the machines do not run as fast as they did when initially bought? The reasons for slow running of the computer can be many. Common causes could be inadequate memory, malwares/virus infection, too many programmes running in the .....- http://goo.gl/BGWThu

Link to "sys.info.org" is dead. Can you repost a current link to this list? Thanks!
glargod2 years ago
got the same mobo ... Dell Dimension 1100 ... Socket 478 3.4ghz Single core... Happy to see that there's still someone using those kind of computer except me xD
zaidmark2 years ago
Though CC Cleaner is good choice to get your registry cleaned, but sometimes it either takes too long or stuck while optimizing cleaning. Therefore, i have recently switched to a new registry optimizer named Registry Recycler which for me is quite an excellent registry optimizing software. It is fast and free.

wolfspy3 years ago
Advanced System Care comes with a ram booster. (it is in the toolbox, under optimize)
GASSYPOOTS3 years ago
for some reason turning off extrenal hard drives speeds mine up :D
account3r23 years ago
I don't know if it's possible to replace the processor in my laptop... it's a bit old, but I can replace the RAM and I'm planning to do so soon... I'm using a Dell - Latitude D600
darthbindy3 years ago
to late, i already vacumed mine ! >.< it still works but thank you soooooo much for warning me! i wouldnt want to break ma pc! =(
I've done about 5-6 of these steps, and already I'm noticing it's speed. Thanks a million.
MRedu3 years ago
Very detailed and helpful guide! You must have spent a lot of time putting all this information together well done! Also learned about some software i never heard of before, thanks!
vascanj4 years ago
Could someone on instructables make a Mac or Linux edition? That would be AWESOME for all of us Macintosh users! Thanks! (Not trying to sound annoying here!)
mike!!!4 years ago
cant you reinstall windows without your freeware programs as well?
grundisimo4 years ago
So what would happen if i plugged my 500 GB external drive in???
Your forgetting who found the holes, hackers!!!!
He also refers to all hackers as being bad. In fact, hackers are the ones that fix the problems. Crackers, are the ones you should look out for.
zapper0674 years ago
also go to services and abolish themes service.
vicvelcro4 years ago
Defragging makes no noticeable improvement on SATA hard drives. It helps a lot on older PATA drives, especially the 33 and 66 class PATAs.

NEVER defrag an SSD. I have 6 of these. The manufacturer states that the flash technology will access any data in any location at the same speed. Repeatedly writing data (as happens in defrag movements) will decrease the life expectancy of the solid state itself.

I believe this step should be removed due to the PROBABILITY of readers misapplying the instructions to the wrong media. It should only be for PATA drives.
jpage44 years ago
Their was another Tip that would help all these Step and it was missed or ignored. How about keeping the Computer itself Cold/Cool? Im looking for affordable options to that. everything else mention in your guide get done Bi-weekly. so great work man.
mwarner24 years ago
actualy it does not matter if the bits from the ram are cleared or not the only thing thats important is if the operating system thinks that part of the rams is filled. it sees every thing else as meaningless noise until it puts something there. how ever turning off the computer is helpful because off a bug called memory leak. this happens when a program does not tell the operating system that it is done with its data. causing the operating system to keep that space reserved for the program. over time this can take up massive amounts of space. oh course proper memory management will mitigate this problem. but that require part of the operating system to be rewritten which is out side the scope of the user. so basically if the developers did there jobs right your would not need to restart your computer to free ram. for example my computer (running ubuntu) only needs restarting to install certain updates. i never have to restart my computer to free up space in my ram. however i do have to restart my dads windows machine once a week due to memory fragmentation, but not because of memory leakage.
While deleting user accounts may increase speed, it can also pose a security threat. I would recommend at least 1 extra user account with non-administrator privileges. Malicious programs will not be able to access and make changes to your computer without your permission on this new account. Do consider the advice of the commenter below me and disable multi-user logins.
londobali4 years ago
Nice job!
will help a lot specially for my old laptop here.. :)

owh, this link is not working: http://www.sysinfo.org/startuplist.php.
there's a point in the end of the link.. it should be http://www.sysinfo.org/startuplist.php

Sash.4 years ago
I recommend to install computer dust filter
and clean your computer from dust is not necessary.
cscott-44 years ago
I never knew about this! Thanks a ton - it really helped me out. :3
Ponting14 years ago
The cause of the slow computer is the virus, add spy-ware, hardware problem, OS failure, if lot of folders are stored at the desktop, or due to the temp files on the disk. Remove the unnecessary start-up programs which are not in use. Format your hard-disk after particular time span. You can also buy the Refurbished Desktop Computers which are available in market at cheap rate and gives better performance compared to the old PC's.
atomic12694 years ago
There are definitely some great cleaning methods here, but I think that you could have ordered them better and perhaps even omitted some information. A few things were also really for specific problems rather than general speed increase, such as the paging file. You also nearly skipped the most important part of speeding up a windows computer, which is described here: a-how.com/archives/52
GreenD4 years ago
Personally I have it on the lowest power setting, my screen is the dimmest, but I keep my processor at 90%.

I've heard that keeping the processer speed constant (i.e. min and max are the same) is the best option.

Unplugged laptop = 45% processor
Plugged in = 90% (for gaming)

Be green and fast!
marselsipod6 years ago
its actually on the left not right
lol who cares
GreenD4 years ago
The best way to not get viruses is to not be a fool. Go into internet options for I.E. and in advanced options with cookies do the following:
First party cookies: Prompt
Third party cookies: Deny

This way, when you go to a website that you don't fully trust, or get redirected to, you have the option to completely block all the cookies the website wants to send you.

I have gotten a virus once in my 12 years of computing, and that was due to downloading a file on a website that I should not have, a "Cracked version of photoshop!".

Just don't be naive.
Briguy96 years ago
That's scary, There's a flash drive that has more capacity than my integrated internal hard drive.
Briguy9 Briguy96 years ago
And I think I have 100GB
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