Step 11: Remove Programs (Add or Remove Programs)

Picture of Remove Programs (Add or Remove Programs)
To Find "Add or Remove Programs," do this:
Control Panel
(Program and Features)
Click: Add or Remove Programs

Follow the pictures for simplified instructions on uninstalling a program, but it's pretty straight forward. Get rid of everything that you do not use.

A more advanced option would be Revo Uninstaller.
rnichols5 years ago
You can also use the tools option on the ccleaner program to remove programs.
lukethebook333 (author)  rnichols5 years ago
I stuck that in there, thanks!
Briguy96 years ago
I would like to put in a suggestion.

WHen I go to uninstall something, I use Revo Uninstaller. It's free and has some optimization settings built-in (such as delete all internet files). When you use Revo what it does is it engages the actual uninstaller of the program you're uninstalling, and depending on the uninstall mode you selected, it will either do nothing after that or search for leftover files based on the search level you specified (Safe, Moderate, or Deep. or something like that)
It searches your whole computer for anything related to the program you uninstalled and shows them to you so you can either delete all/some/none. It does the same thing with registry files made by the program.

I'm not advertising, I'm summarizing what Revo does so you can add it to the guide here.

It's very useful.

Download Link: http://www.revouninstaller.com/revo_uninstaller_free_download.html