Step 16: Macintosh

Picture of Macintosh
vascanj4 years ago
I have an idea. This is not advertising, you should put this in there. Sophos, who usually makes mac and window anti-virus for windows also makes a FREE home edition Mac anti-virus that is absolutely amazing!!!!!! It targets the threat, and all you have to click is remove and it's gone! Literally, its that simple and it only takes a few easy steps to install (run the .dmg, install, put your computer's password, click install and done). And, this program doesn't take up much window space. It doesn't cloud your desktop with useless windows full of useless information, because the icon is just a tiny black shield in your menu bar. SERIOUSLY MENTION THIS TO PEOPLE.

And as an added bonus to the anti-virus, Sophos also has their "NakedSecurity" blog where they post everyday about up-and-coming new viruses, and they also have a facebook page (not sure about twitter)...
knobit6 years ago
lukethebook333 (author)  knobit6 years ago
Sorry about that, I was just looking into options available for mac computers, but so far I've been rather busy. It's mainly up here to see if anyone has ideas.