I found this hilarious website buy Googling "tell me something cool," which led to Googling "famous 800 numbers" (don't even ask the affiliation lol...) anyway... point is: I found a cool website with funny 800 numbers...

     Read the prank set-up ideas and even call the numbers itself... you havvvve to try this one on April fools day!
      or atheist day... whatever it is...

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Step 1: Anonymously Tell Someone They Have Bad Breath

On AFD get to work a little early and leave post it notes on everyone's desk with this number:

Leave a note like'
  "Call soon... 631-960-7187"

It will be funny for hours as everyone slowly discovers they all got it but you... or give one to yourself even and stay anonymous...

-----     OR     -----

Just leave a note anywhere anytime. Its always funny lol...

Also, 631-960-7171 is for the body odor version vs. bad breath is 631-960-7187

Step 2: Tell Them They Won a PRIZE

Tell a friend, co-worker, family member, or even a dumb next door neighbor that you got their call on mistake, but that someone called and said they won a tv as a door prize for something like a year ago and they never picked it up... give them the number:

Perhaps, write it sloppy even, because its a call to nothing but dead air... they will keep calling and insist you wrote the number wrong so now they can't get their tv! rofl!!

Step 3: Rick Roll Hot Line!

Rick Roll People with the hot line!


or the "old fashioned" online video way:

If you don't know what it is, Wiki says:
“Rickrolling is a prank involving the music video for the 1987 Rick Astley song "Never Gonna Give You Up". In a RickRoll, a person provides a link they claim is relevant to a given topic, but it then takes the user to the Astley video. It can also mean playing the song loudly in public in order to be disruptive. A person who falls for the prank is said to be "RickRolled".

Step 4: Make Up Your Own

Make your own prank and have them call:

This number just tells them they fell for whatever your prank was.

Step 5: Visit the Web Site

More phone numbers and ideas:

And no I'm not affiliated... just think its a good prank :)

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Well it exists, and btw you don't own this site so you can't tell them to take it town ya liberal
<p>This just goes to a telemarketing hotline....</p>
is the numbers australia accessible?
I love that website! Thank you for directing me to it.<br> Win Guy
the rick roll working on my friend. rofl

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