Picture of Sew A Dog-Tidy
Show your love to 'Mans Best Friend' by making this stylish 'Tidy-Up' to keep all their favourite doggy treats & accessories tidy.

This one is for our new 'Best Friend' Mr. Frederick Peanut & his 'mummy' Caroline. X

Now, I did measure *most* of this project, but after an initial tape-measuring I confess to 'eye-balling' about 90%!

All measurements are approximate!

You will need:

1 m oil cloth
A coat hanger
Cotton fabric for 2 pockets
Plastic bag rings or large D rings
Length of bamboo cane
Tape measure
Sewing machine
Thread & elastic thread
Clear plastic 5" x 5"
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Step 1: First Things First...

Picture of First Things First...
It's a trial sewing with oil cloth.

Many tutorials recommend using invisible tape on the base of your presser foot.

I did this for the first time... I'm not sure it helped, though it wasn't hard to apply & certainly didn't hinder...

Step 2: Choose A Hanger...

Picture of Choose A Hanger...
... I chose mine because it is strong, slim & flat.

Mine was 14" long, so leaving 1" seam allowance I cut my width at 16".

I cut the length to 24" so it will finish up around 22" long.

Cut a back facing piece to the depth of the whole hanger and the same width as the main piece.

Carefully draw around the hanger & cut both the main piece & back facing to shape.

Step 3: Plan Your Pockets

Picture of Plan Your Pockets
2014 15:32.jpg
I chose a patch pocket at the top, with a clear sash to slip a photo into...

Two plastic bag strap rings to clip leads onto...

A shirred patch pocket for poo-bags...

Three box pleated pockets for toys/ treats...

A bamboo bar with cut-outs to loop collars around.

Measure it all up and draw it all out on the back of the main piece. Remember to include seam allowance and a nice big turn up at the bottom.

(I tried to be quite precise with this, but It ended up just as a guide later on!)

Step 4: Top Pocket...

Picture of Top Pocket...
Cut out a piece of main oil cloth, mine is 11" x 5" (inc 1/2" turn over hem)

Cut a clear piece 5" x 5" for the window. Tape it into position.

Fold & hem the top. Fold & pin the other 3 sides.
nanaof21 year ago

I hope I don't sound too dumb, however, what is 1m equivalent to in yards and what is oil fabric I haven't heard of it before. Great project and instructions. I'm new to this site,not sure how I will see your reply. Thank you in advance.

busteroriginals (author) 1 year ago
No problem. They've been given to their owners now & look great stuffed full of doggy things!

Nicely done! These are cute, and really useful. Thanks for sharing!