Step 5: Embellishing

You can personalize your set just about any way you can imagine.  Use a scalloped cutter to cut the fringe for a wavy look.  Use fabric glue to decorate your hat and scarf with your favorite team or bling it up with sparkles. This is a great "snow day" project for restless kids and you can recycle your old fleece blankets and give them a new life!
<p>I made these for all the kids, in the family, one year. Perfect Christmas presents! </p>
OMG!! I absolutely love this easy peasie set!! I need to make hats for my chemo friends. This is exactly what I was looking for. I can make a whole bunch and embellish each one differently for an added touch. Thank you. I will be voting for you! I will post pics of done hats soon!!
What a clever way to cut straight and even for the fringe!!
Hi. I like the hat pattern, but I'm having an issue with the dimensions. Your circle is 8&quot; in diameter which is about 25&quot; in circumference. It would be about 22&quot; circumference at the seam. However, you have a 1/2 yard of fabric and say to cut the 7&quot; strip from a single layer along the selvedge. That would only be 18&quot; long. I can make adjustments to make it work, but I'm wondering what you did that doesn't match my calculations.<br><br>Thanks.

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