Step 3: Repeat Wash Cycles If Necessary

If necessary, repeat the washing cycle more than once to get the sweater to feel thick felt .  This sweater took two washings to make the stripes only 1 1/4 inches and to felt the wools fibers. ( The yarn will not be able to unravel when cut and the stitches are not clearly defined.)
sweat thanks for the great instructions
In my city the thrift stores have half off sales once a month. I am always on the look out for good wool or cashmere sweaters to make things like this.
Great hat, pix and instructions.  I'm going to make one.  Thanks.
i don't sew anything more than missing buttons, but i find these instructions easy to understand and the project really cool!<br />
I love these instructions. Being a sewer myself, it seemed to be very clear and precise. It makes a lovely hat and a great way to recycle clothing.<br /> Mare<br />
What a great idea. I never knew you could make felt from a wool sweater! If you had no sewing machine and felt ambitious, it's simple enough that you could even do it all by hand.
Candace--I know nothing about crafts like this and so am totally lost, but I think you were very thorough.&nbsp; It's a cool idea and the hats look neat!&nbsp; Karen
I barely sew, but this project looks clear and easy enough for even me.<br /> I like how in Step 9 you anticipate how we may need to troubleshoot.<br /> As a mom, I'd love it if you added to Step 4 some rules of thumb for how to measure for a child's hat.&nbsp; It'd be so cute on kids, and what a great way to use a sweater/fleece they've grown out of!&nbsp; <br /> A clarity suggestion: Since you have partially overlapping directions for two different materials, it'd be helpful to add to Step 1 something like, &quot;See Step 5 for materials you'd need for a fleece hat.&quot;&nbsp; And then add to Step 5, &quot;Follow steps 6-15 for either a wool or fleece hat.&quot;<br /> BTW, I love how you chose a striped sweater for your wool hat example--what a brilliant way to illustrate how the wool shrinks and felts!<br />
Candace, it sounds like a great project but not being a big sewer I did get confused especially at step 7 and 8.&nbsp; The hat itself looks beautiful though. mjm<br />
Candace: I think your felting instructions are really good. I was a bit confused about the rectangles, but have realized that it takes two of each type of fiber to make the band around the head. I should try this - I'm not too crafty (in a good way) but I think that even I could manage this. - Sarah

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