Sew It Yourself - Pillowcase





Introduction: Sew It Yourself - Pillowcase

Sew yourself some pillowcases.

You need:

- some lovely fabric - new or big enough leftover
- your sewing machine +thread
- zipper

Step 1: Preparing

I am going to make a pillowcase for a 40x40cm pillow.

So I need a piece of fabric which is laid double with 40x40cm+ 1-2cm seam allowance for 3 sides. Side 4 is the center fold.
Therefore I will use a 40cm zipper in dark blue to match my fabric.

Step 2: Adding the Zipper

first thing to do is to sew in the zipper.
To do this you fold the shorter side of your fabric 2 times and pin the zipper very close to this edge.
After you have prepared zipper and fabric with some pins you sew it together. Again, close to the zipper edge.

If you have a hard time double folding and pinning the textile to the zipper try it this way:
1. fold the fabric once (like in photo 1 top)
2. pin the good side of zipper and fabric together and sew them together.
3. turn around this combo again and pin like shown in photo 1 bottom.
4. sewing - photo 2 middle
This needs to be done with the other short side of your fabric,too!(photo 3,4)

By now you should have a fabric..let's call it..pipe. :D

Step 3: Closing the Long Sides

To transform the 'pipe' into a pillowcase you only need to close the long edges of your fabric.
Lay them top(good to good side) and sew them together.
It might be a good thing to re-meassure again to know that your 40x40cm pillow will fit in there.

To be able to wash this case you should fringe the edges. You can do that with 2 or 3 times sewing in zick-zack or for the more advanced folks here: use your overlock.

Last thing to do it turn your creation inside out.There is your self sewn pillowcase!

That's it . Thx for watching and happy sewing!



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    Could you do one for a cubical pillow. ( where sides are straight vertical) ?

    you mean something like this?

    Yes although the height does not have to match the length and width.

    sounds like a nice idea, actually. Only thing is, I do not have a cube to sew for...but let's see :)

    he he! this is great, I will definitely try this. one thing, there is a typo in the kit list, unless you have been telling your machine that it will be swimming with the fishes if it doesn't do it right! ?

    Haha XD You are right! Thank you for telling me. I'll change it right away.
    Yeah, maybe some underwater tutorials next? ;)