Sew yourself some pillowcases.

You need:

- some lovely fabric - new or big enough leftover
- your sewing machine +thread
- zipper

Step 1: Preparing

I am going to make a pillowcase for a 40x40cm pillow.

So I need a piece of fabric which is laid double with 40x40cm+ 1-2cm seam allowance for 3 sides. Side 4 is the center fold.
Therefore I will use a 40cm zipper in dark blue to match my fabric.
<p>Could you do one for a cubical pillow. ( where sides are straight vertical) ?</p>
<p>you mean something like this?<br>http://s3.amazonaws.com/Supermarket/pictures/281563/small_cube.jpg</p>
<p>Yes although the height does not have to match the length and width.</p>
sounds like a nice idea, actually. Only thing is, I do not have a cube to sew for...but let's see :)
he he! this is great, I will definitely try this. one thing, there is a typo in the kit list, unless you have been telling your machine that it will be swimming with the fishes if it doesn't do it right! ?
<p>Haha XD You are right! Thank you for telling me. I'll change it right away.<br>Yeah, maybe some underwater tutorials next? ;)</p>

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