Picture of Sew Mens Shorts
This is a really rewarding project. Once you have mastered inserting a zip fly the rest is a doddle!

(I don't mention it all the time, but, as a general rule: press everything as you go along!)
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Step 1: Find A Good Pattern

Picture of Find A Good Pattern
This one is from the Great British Sewing Bee book 'Sew Your Own Wardrobe'. I've shortened it for shorts.

Measure yourself accurately & choose the correct pattern size.

Step 2: Pockets I

Picture of Pockets I
2014 16:59.jpg
2014 17:00.jpg
Zig zag the curved edge of your pocket facings.

Sew pocket facings (right side up) to pocket linings (right side up).

Step 3: Pockets II

Picture of Pockets II
2014 17:00.jpg
2014 17:00.jpg
2014 17:00.jpg
Pin & sew pocket to trouser front (right sides together)

Understitch the lining.

Press to right side.

Top stitch the fold.

Step 4: Pockets III

Picture of Pockets III
2014 17:00.jpg
Baste down the pocket sides & top.

Sew up the lining & zig zag the rough edge.

Step 5: Sew Up The Crotch Seam

Picture of Sew Up The Crotch Seam

Step 6: Zip Fly I

Picture of Zip Fly I
2014 17:00.jpg
2014 17:00.jpg
2014 17:00.jpg
Sew the curved edge of your left fly shield.

Turn & press.

Pin & sew onto the Front of your Left-Front pattern piece.

Press & turn to the inside.

Step 7: (* Cutting Down Zip-Strip...)

Picture of (* Cutting Down Zip-Strip...)
2014 17:00.jpg
2014 17:00.jpg
2014 17:00.jpg
2014 17:00.jpg
2014 17:00.jpg
Measure a bit more than you need.

Snip a bit of the teeth off from where you made the cut.

Open a bit of the end of the zipper, slide on one side & pull it down a little.

Jimmy the other side in & hold on to the tapes you created as you pull the zipper down.

Trim off the excess at both ends.

(Before the zipper is fully attached and sealed in, be VERY careful not to pull the zip head off the end of the zipper - as I have done, many times!)

Step 8: Zip Fly II

Picture of Zip Fly II
2014 17:00.jpg
2014 17:00.jpg
2014 17:00.jpg
2014 17:00.jpg
Turn & press the hem allowance of the right hand side of the fly opening.

Pin & tack the zip (facing out, closed with pull at top!) with the teeth just poking out.

Prepare the zip shield. Sew up 3 sides, turn & press.

Pin & tack over your original tacking (& remove 1st tacking - I use 2 colour threads to make it clearer).

Sew down and remove the tacking stitches.
adrodry4 months ago

very good for the beginners.

busteroriginals (author) 1 year ago
Thank you. I will get round to some more sewing projects soon!
acuchetto1 year ago
Cute pants! This instructable is inspiring!
saosport1 year ago

nicely done