Sew Mens Zip Fly





Introduction: Sew Mens Zip Fly

Step 1: Pin & Sew the Crotch Seam

Step 2: Press Back Half Right Side Seam Allowance.

Step 3: Pin & Tack Zip on Right Side.

(While you're at this side, it could be a good time to prepare the zip shield & sew it all up together now rather than later)

Step 4: Prepare the Left Fly Facing...

Zig zag the curved edge.

Step 5: Sew on the Left Fly Facing

Step 6: Pin Left Fly Facing Back

Press & top stitch.

Step 7: Prepare the Zip Shield

Step 8: Pin, Tack & Sew Right Side

Through all layers, locking the zip between the right fly front & zip shield.

Sew close to the zip at the front.

(In this picture I have already tacked the left side of my zip to the left fly facing)

Step 9: Pin Left Side of Zip to Left Fly Facing...

Check it looks ok from the front & tack left side of zip to left fly facing only.

Pin the zip shield out of the way & sew the left side.

Step 10: Top Stitch the Fly

In a curve from the bottom of the fly opening, up in a straight line to the top of the waist seam.

Step 11: Finished Zip Fly



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any instructions on fixing or replacing broken zip?

Gonna have to save this 'ible for the next time I'm working with zippers. Thanks for documenting this so thoroughly!