Step 3: Outside

Wrap rectangular piece around cap, leaving a little overhang to allow the end circle to fit in and pin the overlap, and then run a needle, if desired, into the side and through the bottom to keep it all togehter while working. (I don't need this anymore).

Start a knot on the inside bottom overlap and begin a simple whip stitch around the bottom connecting the bottom to the sides.

When you get back to where you started, go up the side seam.
<p>that's a great Instructable - detailed and clear, thank you.</p><p>I suppose they could be made larger, using larger bottle or jar caps, for those of us whose vision makes us overlook smaller items sometimes. </p>
The pictures describe really good and I think this must be very useful...nice looking work and I hope I come to try it. Thank you!
ADORABLE Sooo CUTE love them
This is wonderful! And no pins will stick out the bottom. Thanks for posting it!
Love it! I am going to do this with my Girl Scout troop! Great little pincushions :-)
This is soo good. I am bad @ sewing
How about adding a small magnet to the bottom? The whole thing will stick on the side of a sewing machine, and you can use it to gather spilled needles.
I just made two with magnets in them. The first one was not as nice as the second one. Probably because it's been years since I last crafted anything with a needle. The magnet is nice though. When the pincushion is placed on something metal you can remove needles with one hand, instead of just lifting the whole thing.
great idea, I love the reuse of bottle caps!!
you could just put cotton then stuff it in then cover with cloth how easy is that why decorate if it is that simple
I absolutely love this! It is just too cute. I plan on trying it out. Thanks! :) Jessica
Cute! My girlfriend would probably love this if she sewed, haha.
This could be a great way to make pattern weights also! Just fill it with something heavy!
How about pennies??? Little fill on top so you could stick pins in to use while sewing... you think?
So cute! I'm going to make one this weekend :) Great instructable!
Brilliant =] thankyou so much.. i really needed one of these and this is perfect!<br/>
this is sew cool!
This is fun project to work on while travelling. I have made 6 of these so far. I had a ton of DMC pearl cotton that I got on sale at Michael's. My friends are always in need of safety pins (since they do not sew) so I gave them "safety pin cushions" with an assortment of different sizes.
addicitive little things aren't they? Thanks for your comments!
This is...AWESOME. Maybe some emery or some abrasive material inside would be awesome. I love this idea, instead of buying one, or using tons squares of fabric, I can just make an adorable bottlecap pincushion. GENIUS o__o! I just got into sewing, I'm still looking for a decent sewing machine. I love hand sewing it's totally comforting (yet time consuming). Thankie!
no no no, don't use anything abrasive - read this on my pincushion blog:<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.schmaltzycraftsy.com/2008/01/lets-talk-stuffing.html">http://www.schmaltzycraftsy.com/2008/01/lets-talk-stuffing.html</a><br/>
These are fab! I have made all my non-sewing girlfriends one as an early Xmas present - a girl always needs a few emergency pins! I embelished mine with hotfix crystals which look so pretty. Thanks so much ...
I am going to use this for my girl scout troop
oops, I posted too soon: before I had read the directions. How clever you are to cover the bottle cap!
I saw these w/a bottle cap for the base. Where is your bottle cap? I think these are just the most adorable and what great gifts they would make ... oh, yeah, and seems like these would be a great "take along" project - you know, a craft to take w/you while you're waiting at socceer practice, or dr. office, etc. I love your colours and personal comments.
I really love this! I have always wished for some sort of pincushion to be attached to my sewing machine - this will certainly be it! And would make cute gifts for sewing, cross-stitching, beading friends as beadbabe says. Thanks from me too, Jen.
Wonderful tutorial! I'm making gifts for my beading friends and I've made 3 for myself already! thanks, jen!
thanks! be sure to give me a good rating!<br/><br/>And come on over and see my work and get access to more tutorials:<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://flickr.com/photos/verybigjen/collections/72157594588116047/">http://flickr.com/photos/verybigjen/collections/72157594588116047/</a><br/>

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