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Make this nice and practical card holder in not time!
This card holder is made out of fabric and it's purpose is to hold your credit card, library card, driver's licence or even your business cards.
I love giving it as a little present with a gift card inside. Gift cards are very popular but I think that adding a nice, useful and handmade card holder makes the gift card even more special.
This sewing project is very simple and you can make it in a very short time. So get those scraps of fabric out and start your sewing machine!

Step 1: List of Materials

To start this project, you first need to gather some simple materials:
1- Heavy fabric for the outside and light weight fabric for the lining.(Scraps and small pieces that are at least 6" by 6" are OK)
2- Headpins
3- Velcro (the kind that you sew on the fabric)
4- Poster board or heavy paper to trace the template
5- Ruler
6- Pinking shears
7- Fabric scissors
8- Pen
OPTIONAL- Fusible fabric stabilizer (you can get it at any fabric shop)I will explain how to use this at the end.

Haha! This was my FIRST sewing pattern. :) I did not have a lot of fabric to work with - only what I already had on hand from previous miscellaneous projects. I also dont have pinking shears so my ends are not cleaned up, but I wanted to make something with my new sewing machine and your tutorial helped me understand a few things :) and for that, thank you so much!
These are adorable! I love the colors you choose in fabric and the clearity in which you posted this 'ible! Just wonderful! Thanks for sharing! 5 Stars all the way!
A very beautiful project! Congratulations!!!! I will try to do it very soon.
Made this over the weekend - it's an awesome quick project!!
LOVE THIS! You have the cutest fabrics! I plan on taking the guitar stand off the sewing machine and trying this, haven't really sewn for a while! But I have tons of scraps laying around to try this with! Thanks! Congrats on Etsy front page btw!
Hey, you got it in the Etsy group! Right on. What's with all these pleasant shots by daylight? Don't you know that we all take shots at night with a flash 'round these parts? :)

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