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It should look like this.
Love not having to buy a kit. Anything to save money! Thank you!
<p>Wow great technique</p>
Great idea to make pretty fabric covered buttons. I love this idea!
<p>Very Creative! Thanks for sharing! :)</p>
This is a good method to make beautiful buttons.
Very cool idea!!
Great instructable! I was trying to figure out how to do this on my own last night but I used some craft wire to build my own shank on a regular 2 hole button. For the final button (that's going on a throw pillow) I'll be adding a little circle of felt too to give it a little extra padding and because my fabric is such a light color.
I usually don't try to do this but will try it your way.&nbsp; thanks<br />
Great project!&nbsp; My dad did something similar when he was reupholstering an old sofa.&nbsp; Buttons covered this way hold up better for projects that don't involve a garment that will be buttoned and unbuttoned a lot how ever.&nbsp; <br /> <br /> <br />
Sweet! I agree with the person below though, definitely needs sealant or for plastic based fabrics,you could burn the edges.
Great idea! The only suggested I might make would be to add a little seam sealant to the edgers of the fabric, so they don't fray. I like the photography, too. Nice, clear close-ups!
I second your suggestion on the sealant... and add that a drop of sealant on the knot would be a good idea too. Overall, this is a good, easy way to make beautiful custom buttons.
It looks so easy!! It's just what I need. Thanks ;)
Gosh, wish I'd thought of this long ago. Thanks so much!
Great guide! I've always wondered how to do this, and I can't believe it's so simple. I'll be using this plenty!
Clever. I'll have to try this. I love to use funkier buttons that can be bought and it would be a good way to use nonmatching buttons, of which I have plenty.
so simple, yet I'm still impressed! I never can get the covered button kits to work. I will definitely try this!

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