For those of us who don't want to pay for the one-time use cool strips when we get a headache, I came up with this fun idea. It's a great way to cool off a headache and save money.

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Step 1: Supplies

For this project, you'll need some sort of sturdy but soft fabric. I used flannel, but you could also use a towel. You'll also need general sewing supplies, a tape measure, velcro, and a bag of rice. It doesn't really matter what kind of rice you use, although I don't recommend Minute rice. Whatever is left over you can make more or eat it!
These really do help headaches. And for those who would prefer a more professional version, check out this new one: http://www.absolutelynew.com/content/products/headache-reliever. Absolutely fantastic!
Would adding a relaxing aromatic herb, such a lavendar or chamomile, be feasible?
Of course you can! I didn't, because lavender bothers my husband, but I have another thing kind of like this done with just lavender and it's wonderful. Go forth and make it better! Just make sure you reduce the rice when you add the herbs or you'll have too much stuff in your pouches! Great idea.
Another option instead of adding the herbs would be to mix the rice with a couple drops of essential oil, i would suggest diluting it with olive oil if you don't want full strength. This way you wouldn't have to alter the amount of rice any.
Hey, this is a great idea, but i'm curious. How long does a bag of rice stay cold? Why rice?
Rice holds heat and cold fairly well and is maleable so it conforms to whatever shape it's on/in. That means, it sits fairly well on your forehead without being hard and uncomfortable. I don't know exactly how long it will stay cold, but I know if it's been in the freezer for awhile, it should stay cold for between half an hour and an hour. I adjusted this project from the "boo boo" pouch we use at school which is just a small rectangle of rice to put on whatever is hurt. The kids usually use it for about that long.
Thanks for the info. We never seem to have enough of these around (maybe someone doesn't put them back in the freezer) so it's great to know they're so easy to make!

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