Step 9: Step 9

Repeat points 7 and 8 on the other piece of fabric and will have the result of the photo.

Ripetete i punti 7 e 8 sull'altro pezzo di stoffa e avrete il risultato della foto.
This is a great step by step. I see a safety issue here, though. The foam will not protect you from heat. A regular polyester batting is not recommended either. Both will melt and the foam is not dense enough for any protection. At least one layer of cotton batting is necessary for insulation. More than one would be better. Adding a layer of something like Insul-Bright Mylar/Poly Batting would give additional protection. With batting, however, you should quilt it by stitching across the fabric to keep things from shifting when it is washed. Just a construction suggestion - you wouldn't need to fold under the edges of the layers before stitching them together. The bias tape takes care of keeping things from raveling.

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