Sew a Bathing Suit Wrap Cover Up

Picture of Sew a Bathing Suit Wrap Cover Up
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When I saw this bathing suit cover up, I thought it was a great idea and I knew I could make it myself!  If you can sew a straight line, you can make it too!
It's a quick, cheap and relatively easy project, perfect for summer!
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
- about a yard of fabric of your choice
-one package of double fold bias tape quilt binding
-sewing machine

A note on fabric selection. I used a relatively thick cotton jersey.  This would probably also work well with terry cloth!  Whatever fabric you chose, make sure it can get wet!  Wash and dry your fabric beforehand.
Also, since you need only a yard of fabric, check the remnants section of your fabric store.  You might be able to find just the right amount of fabric and get a great deal!  I found this white fabric in the remnants section at my local fabric store and chose a deep teal binding for a nautical feel.

Step 2: Open and cut and pin binding

Open the package of blanket binding, find the enter and cut it in half.  These two pieces will border the two front edges of the wrap and make the loops to put your arms through.
Pin the binding along the two selvedge edges of the fabric, making sure to push the edge of the fabric all the way into the crease so it is sandwiched in the binding.
When you get to the end of the edge, to make the arm loop, leave a loop of binding unattached over about 6 inches of fabric, then reconnect the binding and pin securely.  To make sure both arm loops are even, fold the fabric in half and use the loop you already pinned down as a guide for making the other one.
Pin binding down securely each edge of the fabric.
1samna2 months ago

I wonder if you made the quilt binding go all the way around & then put elastiic between where you stopped the arm straps in this one if it would be more dress like & reversable for when you want a different look? (with or without a belt!)

1samna 1samna2 months ago

I think it would be great to make some for my little girls too!

This looks great! I bought fabric to make this exact thing months ago and procrastinated way too long.
You should still make it!
It is just so cute I have too! I also bought a whole bunch of fabric I don't know what else to do with :/ I'll have to see if I can think of a different take on it :)
I'm sure you could put a new spin on it :)
SLEDHEDONE11 months ago
Your background setting is amazing! The waterfalls are b e a utiful!
Robnhood11 months ago
A person would have to be small to only use one yard of material for one of these.
Danger is my middle name (author)  Robnhood11 months ago
Most fabric comes in widths of 44 inches and up. This fabric was 56 inches wide, I believe. It is a yard from top to bottom and 56 inches across when laid flat. Does that make sense? I will edit this guide to clarify this.
I love islam11 months ago
thank you for the idea
Yosemite, California.
Trelligan11 months ago
Nice instructable, though not my kind of thing. Perhaps a bit more advice about sizing? Not all of us are petite.
Of course this cane by made in any size, just start off with a piece of fabric that comfortably wraps around and covers everything you want covered!
You are so adorable :-)
This is my friend, not me, but thanks.
artfulann11 months ago
I saw in a book some directions about this and copied it down. I'm so glad you did the instructable, because this is much simpler!
armstk18011 months ago
Good idea for covering up !
I saw some Manto (Kind of Persian cloth) like this but it use for complete covering up !

Take care ... Mohammad
jessyratfink11 months ago
Nicole has been wanting to make one of these forever! I saw this on pinterest and thought it looked so easy to make yourself - looks like I was right :D
bwh1311 months ago
Yosemite: exactly! Great project!!
canida11 months ago
This is awesome. I'm going to make one!
I bet you could do it by modding a big beach towel, too.
Danger is my middle name (author)  canida11 months ago
Oh yeah, a towel would probably be the perfect size!
M.C. Langer11 months ago
Great idea Celeste!!!
bwh1311 months ago
Nice project: is that Echo Ridge and Cockscomb in the background? Where is that swim hole?
Danger is my middle name (author)  bwh1311 months ago
I don't know? These pictures were taken in Yosemite