First I must give credit to queza7 from livejournal (her costume commission site is here). She posted her pattern and instructions here, I simply followed them. Please think of my instructable as a companion piece, not a replacement to her instructions and patterns. Another good set of resources are waywardbound's pictures of a production jacket on flickr.

This is my first intsructables and my first sewing project, so I'm sure that I'll miss something (already took too few pictures) or do something backwards or in a round about way.

Step 1: What You Will Need


For the Pattern
-Butcher paper for the pattern
-Simplicity pattern 5386

For the Jacket
-About 4.5 yards Cotton twill
- One 125 yard roll of heavy duty white spun polyester thread - I used this for seam construction of for the detail top stitching (you may want matching color thread for your seam construction)
-All purpose thread - used for buttonholes, and finishing cut edges
-9 buttons - I got my buttons off of ebay, I used 8 matching buttons and a slightly smaller button for the collar
-Fusable interfacing- Optional - Helps to stiffen and reinforce fabric, I used it only where my buttonholes were cut

-Chalk or a bar of soap for pattern tracing - I like soap since it does not wipe away as easily as chalk, and washes out cleanly
-Fine point Sharpie - I used this for alignment marks on the fabric
-lots of pins
-Glass table
-Reading lamp
-Sewing Machine, basic model with straight and zigzag stitch
-Sharp utility knife

<p>I plan to take over my school in this costume.</p>
Good choice on the Caduceus. As Mercury/Hermes was the god of thieves and travelers.
<p>Er, the caduceus is the symbol of modern medicine. Hermes was the god of a lot of things besides thieves and travellers. </p>
This is seriously awesome! Thanks for posting.<br><br>My 14 yr old son and I are disturbingly obsessed with Dr. Horrible and he wants to go to a Halloween party as the Doc. I can't find a lab coat that looks like his, so.. THANK YOU for this one.<br><br>We're going to do the traditional white with white buttons though.
Do you know if it's possible to get a pdf of the simplicity pattern that I can print off myself?
I like how you made the red version, very cool.
&nbsp;WIN!<br /> I've been looking to do this for a long time, and this looks like a very authentic version! &nbsp; I will definitely use this as one of my source when I start that project... &nbsp;When, as in when I get freetime. &nbsp;If, as in <em>if </em>I get freetime... &nbsp;;)<br /> Anyway, nice work! &nbsp;I have those same goggle, btw. &nbsp;Also bought because they looked like Dr. Horrible's...<br />
you need to paint the goggles silver, it adds to the effect! but, very nice job, looks great!
my problem is that pattern only goes up to XL and i need XXL

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