Picture of Sew a Faux Fur Lined Muff and Hat
Baby It's Cold Outside! So, I’m going to teach you how to make a Faux Fur Lined Muff and Hat.  Muffs are rare these days and wearing one will set you apart. They also pair well with vintage clothing. When I wear mine, I feel somewhat like a rosy-cheek girl in a Victorian Christmas wood etching.

    There are other advantages to making and wearing a muff. Here in Pennsylvania, it’s been a bitter cold winter. I have circulatory problems, so even when I wear gloves my fingers are still uncomfortably cold. (This is true for lots of women, as many of us are anemic.) The extra layer of an enclosed, soft, furry muff is just what’s needed to keep fingers warm during wintertime. Furthermore, it’s a simple project that does not take long to make.

For the Muff you will need: 1/2 yard of faux fur, 1/2 yard of quilt bating, and 1/2 yard of fabric for lining (satins and brocades work well).

For the Hat you will need:  1/2 yard of faux fur, 1/2 yard of lining (satin and brocade work well), and a circle drawing compass.

Both of these guides and much more can be found at http://www.lovetosew.com
Faux Fur lined hat - http://www.lovetosew.com/hat.htm
Faux Fur lined muff - http://www.lovetosew.com/muff.htm

Step 1: Muff Step 1

Picture of Muff Step 1
Cut out quilt bating and lining 12”x18”. Cut out faux fur 15”x18”.
hatsgoing4 months ago

i like this faux fur muff.

mediumsarah3 years ago
This is really beautiful! It's something I would love to have! Well done!
Love to Sew Studio (author)  mediumsarah3 years ago
Thank you! :-)
bpierceny3 years ago
Truly Beautiful!
Love to Sew Studio (author)  bpierceny3 years ago
Thank you :-)
ariellek3 years ago
So pretty!
Love to Sew Studio (author)  ariellek3 years ago
Thank you! It was fun to make! :-)
I love it! I've always wanted a muff. Looks pretty easy. :)
Thanks, it is pretty easy to sew. I'm glad you like it. We entered this project in the Sew Warm Instructables challenge!