Step 8: Hat Step 1

Now let's make the faux fur hat.

Cut a strip of faux fur 26”x8”. Cut a strip of lining 26”x4”.

Using a circle drawing compass, cut a circle with a diameter of 8 1/4” from both the lining fabric and faux fur.

Fold the faux fur strip right sides together so that the short ends meet. Pin and stitch short ends. Do the same to the lining.
<p>i like this faux fur muff.</p>
This is really beautiful! It's something I would love to have! Well done!
Thank you! :-)
Truly Beautiful!
Thank you :-)
So pretty!
Thank you! It was fun to make! :-)
I love it! I've always wanted a muff. Looks pretty easy. :)
Thanks, it is pretty easy to sew. I'm glad you like it. We entered this project in the Sew Warm Instructables challenge!

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