My niece is completely given over to "What does the fox say?" madness. So I wanted to make her a winter fox hat as a Christmas gift. But I wasn’t thrilled about the prospect of buying fake fur. It’s expensive, messy, and usually the synthetic fibers aren’t actually very warm. And it seemed like it would still be hard to get the right colors to achieve the effect I wanted. So I modified a technique that I had used for a very different project and came up with a similar technique for sewing faux fur. This method allows you to create high-quality, soft, warm, beautiful faux fur using a sewing machine and an old wool sweater! The technique isn’t difficult-- you basically just cut a sweater into strips, sew those strips onto another piece of fabric with a zigzag stitch and unravel the knit strips to create fur. And (because they'll be cut up anyway) it's a great way to upcycle stained or damaged sweaters. I'm including the pattern and procedure that I used to create this hat, but it could easily be modified to make different animals, or different furry garments.

Steps 1-6 of this instructable cover the technique for sewing the faux fur. (I'd imagine you could use this to sew all manner of warm furry projects.) You'll want to sew a little swatch using this technique to make sure that you've got the hang of it, and to make any adjustments to achieve the fur you want.  Steps 5-8 cover the hat construction. You could also use this pattern to make a hat out of different fabric, or purchased faux fur.  Skip around to suit your needs.

My niece loves her new hat! She would also like to note that while she is wearing the hat she would prefer to be referred to by her fox name, Buttercrumb.
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indywave10 months ago
What dose the fox sew?
bajablue10 months ago

100% ADORABLE!!!

dusanina11 months ago

this is awesome!!!!!!!!!!! great idea

spunk11 months ago
The fur construction method blows my mind and the final hat looks amazing.
I really enjoy how detailed and prudent the instructable written.
You did a great job. Thank You!
kitchentablescraps (author)  spunk11 months ago
Thanks! :)
davidandora11 months ago
This is just so awesome! I've never seen this method for creating fur- it's fantastic! Really nice Instructable- Thanks!
kitchentablescraps (author)  davidandora11 months ago
Thanks! I was a little tentative about the fur method, myself. I did some poking around and couldn't find anything similar to what I had in mind. (Often a sure sign that there is a good reason not to use this method.) But after an initial test, I was encouraged. It's a little labor-intensive, but I'm thrilled with the result.
scull_mech11 months ago
Jane Oreo11 months ago
I like the hat very much. I like this song very much.
marcellahella11 months ago
Too nice! I like how you made the fur.
kenbob11 months ago
Brilliant! Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding!
blacksmithkid11 months ago
What does the fox say