For all of you that can't knit or crochet and really want a Hogwarts scarf of you own! This is a really simple sewing project - you can have a handmade scarf in a couple hours. :)

I made two different styles - so you can choose which you like. It's also amazingly easy to switch out the colors to support your favorite Hogwarts house. :D

Step 1: What You'll Need:

  • red fleece (or a darker maroon) - 1/2 yard
  • gold fleece - 1/2 yard
  • thread to match both of the colors
  • needle + thread and/or sewing machine
  • rotary cutting mat & cutter OR scissors
  • ruler
If you have a sewing machine this will go amazingly quick. You can easily finish each scarf in a couple hours.

Also, you can make both scarves with 1/2 yard of fleece and have a tiny bit left over. :)
<p>Five points for Gryffindor!</p>
wow.. really cool ideas.. love it so much.. thanks for sharing ;)
would it be too much to do this project by hand ? i don't own a sowing machine but I'm pretty good with hand sticking/sowing. I would probaly have to change it a lil bit. maby using thicker thread. maby even sticking the pieces twice.
It wouldn't be too bad - as long as you did small running stitches I think it would work out well! <br /> <br />You can also do a blanket stitch - I bet that'd make the edges look nice!
Very cool.
What if I was sorted into Ravenclaw?? :) <br> <br>I'm tempted to do this, but I've never used a sewing machine before. It seems so simple, but I'm intimidated by the felt... do you think this would be a good thing to try for my first sewing project? Hmmm... I might just buy double what I need and plan to screw up the first one.
Use blue and gold! :D (I think it's actually bronze... but looks gold to me. :P)<br><br>It's definitely an good first project because it's all straight lines! But it would probably do you good to sew together a couple of scraps of cotton first to get the feel of the machine. Fleece is an entirely different animal. (Slightly chubbier, slightly grumpier.)
I did it! Thanks for this great 'ible! I now have a healthy respect for fleece :)<br>
where did you get the crest
I found it on ebay, but I think you can also buy it from http://www.universalorlando.com/Merchandise/Gift/Harry_Potter/Accessories/Ravenclaw_Crest_Patch.html or if you're lucky enough to live near Universal in Orlando, FL. <br> <br>It's called &quot;Wizarding World of Harry Potter RAVENCLAW HOUSE CREST PATCH&quot; If you want to try to find it cheaper somewhere else :)
It looks so good! I love the crest too. :D
Thank you so much!! But now I have a problem... My wife saw my scarf, and now *SHE* wants one! It took me a whole weekend to do mine (part of the problem was the sewing machine, the other problem was between the machine and the chair), but I should be able to speed that up with the next one. <br> <br>I have a question, if you have a sec... on the doubled scarf, when I would sew two pieces of fleece together, I tried to reverse the stitch to lock in the thread. On the bobbin side, this just ended up throwing thread *EVERYWHERE*, so I ended up ripping the seam and starting over. Now I have two ends per run with loose thread that I knotted together 4-5 times per side (because of my crazy OCD) which took forever. :( Do I even need to do that? Were you able to reverse, or did you just leave loose thread? Sorry, I'm really new to this. :S <br> <br>Oh, and P.S. the crest cost way more than all the other materials! But before I had it on, people were thinking I was a Michigan or Cal fan. HA!
Thank you! That's exactly what I was thinking. OK, I'm going to try this, but in blue and bronze ;)
OMG AWESOME BRILLIANT AMAZING!!!<br><br>I love it and am going to make one my self (I'm in ravenclaw) but I'm not that good at sowing. I also want incorporate the &quot;lovefromvirgil&quot; ible about pockets and stuff in your scarf. Is the double one very hard to make?<br>Anyway, love the design!
Accio scarf! I did the flat version, super easy and looks really nice. Perfect addition to my costume.
Aaaaaahhhhhh! I love your whole costume! :D
This is very nice, but would it be churlish of me to point out that <em>proper</em> school scarves should be knitted, preferably by an elderly aunt with far more enthusiasm than skill?<br><br>
This is true, but I was really upset by the lack of tutorials for people who can't knit or crochet... I kept searching, and there was no sewing to be found. Only tutorials from people that call knitting sewing. :P<br><br>I wish I had a crazy family member to knit for me, or knew Mrs. Weasley in real life, but I was all alone of this one!
Your scarf looks really good. I'm knitting my Ravenclaw scarf right now. I won't be putting up a tutorial though, as my knitting is still only so-so. If you want to learn, www.knittinghelp.com has several videos for beginners. There are also several YouTube videos for specific knitting tricks (like color changing and different cast-ons).
You have to post some pics when you're finished. My daughter loves Ravenclaw! I've been looking for one for her and don't really like the ones I've seen.
There's always a purist somewhere! :P<br><br>If someone really wants to try knitting a scarf, the best stitch to use is double-rib (2k 2p)
50 points for gryffendor.
WOW!that;s so awesome!the idea is so cool ,and u were really smart in making those ,lol i will make some of these to all my family membres ,maybe slyttheren ones too XD thx
I love it! Now, winter will not come around any more.... :)
I envision a flatlocked version on the serger for this step. If the fleece is thick enough to have the edges butted up flush together.
love it! it's perfect for the season!
I've been a Potter fan for far too long now.<br><br>Actually... Probably not long enough!<br><br>But what a great scarf! It's simple and will be a great, inexpensive, and easy Christmas gift for all of the HP geeks I know.
Yep, I know I'll definitely be making more of them. :)

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