Step 8: Closure Style 1 - D Rings

This style of closure has a strap and two 1" D rings.

Cut a 2x4" strip to secure your D rings.  Fold 1/2" inwards from each edge and press.  Trim the corners.  Then loop through both D rings and line up the ends so you are left with a strip 1.5" long.  Pin, then stitch around in a square to secure.  Take care that your D rings are clear of the presser foot; it helps if you start your stitching on the side next to the D rings.  Stitch the D ring tab to the top "lid" of your bag.

Cut a 2x13" strip for your strap.  Fold 1/2" inwards from each edge and press, and trim the corners.  Then fold in half to get a 1x6" strip, and stitch all edges.  Stitch the tab to the lower edge of the bag opening, across from the D rings.

To close, thread the strap up through both D rings, then down through only the lower D ring.  Pull tight.