Introduction: Sew a Mt. Fuji Cushion

Picture of Sew a Mt. Fuji Cushion

You will need :

  1. light blue canvas about 1/2 meter
  2. white canvas for the snowy top
  3. polyester fillings

A sewing machine will make things faster, but this can be done by hand sewing.

Step 1: Pattern Pieces

Picture of Pattern Pieces

You can print out the snow caps and extend the pattern to create the mountain pattern piece.

Step 2: Cut Out 2 Piece of Each

Picture of Cut Out 2 Piece of Each

Step 3: Start Sewing !

Picture of Start Sewing !

Sew the snow cap onto the mountain piece . You will have 2 large pieces of fabric.

Flip them so the good sides are facing themselves and sew around the edges. Leave a hole to flip the good side of the cushion back out. Then fill it up with polyester stuffings. Hand sew the hole and enjoy your cushion :)


seamster (author)2015-11-18

Very nicely done!

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