Step 8: Sew the back bodice pieces to the front

-Take one of your pleated pieces with the off-center stitching. This will be one of the back bodice pieces.

-Line the piece up alongside your front bodice (the center-stitched pieces), aligning the stitching but not the top and bottom of the paper. (see photo)

-Overlap the pieces by 1/2 inch.

-Carefully sew the back bodice piece to the front bodice along the center of the overlap, 1/4 inch from the edge of the piece. Remember to backstitch at start and finish.

-Repeat this step for the other back bodice (off-center stitched) piece. Make sure that the back bodice pieces are at the same height and not reversed (see photo)- they should be aligned with each other but not with the front bodice piece (center). Sew the other back bodice piece to the front bodice, but do not sew the two back bodice pieces to each other.
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