Picture of Sew a Propellor-Equipped Beanie
What child, and those who are a child at heart, has not dreamed about flying? Now you can pretend with a beanie with a propellor blade.
The propellor was initially attached to a tiny motor, but the revolutions were so high that it would have been considered a lethal weapon if it had been worn with that configuration. Imagination fires the motor now.

Step 1: Pre-flight Check

Picture of Pre-flight Check
You will need
-a hat pattern with six crown pieces
-seam binding
-a tape measure
-a propellor assembly
foxtrot46975 years ago
awesome! but its kinda silly without the motor
Sox (author)  foxtrot46975 years ago
Not necessarily. As I said in the intro, I wanted a motor but we couldn't find one that would spin slowly enough. If it is too fast you can't see the blade and someone might get hurt.
jbrecken Sox5 years ago
Hook it up to a weaker battery. Putting a resistor between the battery and the motor might do it.
when i get home im gunna make onea these
fwjs285 years ago
awesome, make it a colored pattern with a different color fer each panel
omnibot5 years ago
I likez!
Awesome!!! Must build NAO!!!
blckpythn5 years ago
video is private
Sox (author)  blckpythn5 years ago
Thank you for telling me. That has been fixed now.