Step 10: You're Done!

Enjoy your new clutch!

Let me know if you have any questions about any of the steps - I'll get back to you as soon as I can. :D

And - if you make one and post a picture of it, I'll give you a 3 month pro membership!
Forgot the wrist loop but will add that when I change the button loop so they match!
Reply<br>Forgot the wrist loop but will add that when I change the button loop so they match!
Forgot the wrist loop but will add that when I change the button loop so they match!
I used a sewing machine for the seams and the wrong thing for the loop so now have to redo that bit with a ribbon. Thank you for the tutorial!
I love the fabric choice. May I ask where you got it or the name of it? Thanks ?
<p>Sadly, I got it in a remnant bin at the Instructables office years and year ago, so I've got no clue. :)</p>
Oh okay. It's so cute. Thanks for replying back to me ?
<p>This would work for a larger bag also. Cute idea.</p>
<p>Very unique and endearing clutch purse, recently got to know about a website </p><p>http://www.voylla.com/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&amp;q=clutch+purses&amp;commit=Go </p><p>having unique and pretty purse collections in quite reasonable rates!!!</p>
<p>Thanks for sharing. I made it this afternoon! </p>
really enjoyed the process. what a appropriate and great project for beginner sewer. Thanks so much!!!
Here is mine! I used a new Paris patterned fabric that I got recently-Great instructable! :) And thanks so much!!
I just made two yesterday and they turned out super cute! Here's a pic of one.
made one yesterday- so easy and SO cute.
I love your instructable! I think there might be a slight mistake. Where you put the 2 sewn cotton pieces- the fabric and lining- should be put together with right sides facing each other. BTW this is a great instructable, I am hoping to make one of these.!
Oh, you are right! At least I photographed it the right way. ;)<br><br>I'll change it right now! Thank you. :D
Very cute! Thanks for sharing!
cute fabric, and nice photography!
Very good project, I love how straightforward it is! Makes me think I could almost make one myself, if I had any sort of sewing skills.
I can teach you, you know. :D
That would be awesome then ;)
Exactly what raviolikid said! :0)
Ha, thank you!
Good, clear directions! And, I like the fact that you showed hand sewing! Sometimes, low-tech is just the way to go!
Thank you! And I agree. It's therapeutic. :D

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