Step 16: Turn the hat right side out and admire your ears.

Picture of Turn the hat right side out and admire your ears.
I would now recommend having a wild rumpus. If this is not available, make sure to tell everyone around you "I'LL EAT YOU UP!"

Enjoy! :D
rillianswillow made it!5 years ago
This hat is too cute!  Thank you for making your instructions and pattern so easy to follow.  It only took me a couple of hours to make a fantastic edition to my Halloween costume :)

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jessyratfink (author)  rillianswillow5 years ago
I love it! It looks so cute on you! :D
lishalishalisha made it!5 years ago
 Thank you thank you thank you for this! I (well, more my mom, my sewing skills are not quite up to par... I did do everything else though :D )
I ended up going to a Halloween party and I won third place with this! (Well, that, and my crown and scepter probably helped too, but everyone LOVED the hat)
Thank you again!
(I didn't get a chance to color my whiskers before, so I plan on doing that before Halloween...)
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jessyratfink (author)  lishalishalisha5 years ago
Yayayayayay! It's totally cute! You look so happy! :D
robbiekywst4 years ago
adorable! I want one now :)
Mumu5454 years ago
This is such a great idea! I might make bear ears, instead of wild thing ears, but thanks for the pattern! (I'm going to be a care bear :D)
masaya9994 years ago
how about raindeer hat?^^ just requesting,,,
CrazySheep5 years ago
This is really cute! I can't wait for the next trip to the fabric store!! This is great too, becasue even though I'm only a beginner, this seems quite easy to make. I'll post a picture when I get 'round to  making it! ^^
reno911325 years ago
Thank you so much Jessy ever since i made it iv'e been wearing it around my house all month if i can ill post a pic =)
I just finished running around the house howling (and coughing). Thank you so much for the tutorial. It was such good, easy project for a girl at home with a cold. However, I would suggest folding the tips of the whiskers so that you don't poke an eye out! We wouldn't want that... Heh.
AllyxJo5 years ago
I know this is very VERY last minute (trust me, thats all my parents talk about is how i procratinate. Im going as Max for halloween in 2 days and im justing starting now) but the material i have is some fur, and my sewing machine can only take about 2 layers of that. Is this going to be a problem??

btw, thanks so so soooo much for this tutorial, i dont know what i would have done without it!!! ur the best ^.^
jessyratfink (author)  AllyxJo5 years ago
I'd recommend just doing the outside in fur and lining the inside with quilting cotton because it's really thin. Or you don't even have to line it at all. :)

And you're welcome! :D
I like the cotton idea, because i finished it and you can see all the overlapping on the inside and it doesnt look too good ):
thanks so much! my hood is all finished now and it looks adorable!!!
I think im gonna try and make ur giant mustache next ;)
gmac1265 years ago
this is so cute!! thank you so much, i printed out the pattern and im gettin the materials tomorrow :] the only thing im changing up is that im adding a crown to the top of it lol :D
k80bakes5 years ago
Thank you soooo much for putting this here! You saved my Halloween! And plenty of "wild rumpus days" to come. you did a lovely job. :)
susanbobrow5 years ago
Thank you so so so much for your detailed instructions. I am making this for my 1 year old and am not at all "sewing talented". Your instructions have  made it so easy to understand. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this.
beth1115 years ago
I am soo happy I found your instructions!  I am making Max for my 24 year old son.  I have the hat but couldn't figure out how to get the whiskers in!  Thanks!
woolooloo5 years ago
I'm going to make one for both me and my son! (mine first, so I can practice, haven't used a sewing machine in ...several years) XD
cardigans5 years ago
This is so rad thank you for posting this!
JCoffey5 years ago
OK, is it completely weird that I want to make one of these for when the movie comes out? I mean Im 6'5" and 200lbs, but I mean I already have harry Potters Dark Mark tattood on my arm, so I should be fine right? :)
jessyratfink (author)  JCoffey5 years ago
No, not weird in the slightest. I personally think more guys need to be wandering around in hats like these. :P
Ive actually been toying with the idea of making the qhole outfit for Halloween, and going as max as an adult, having become a chain smoking, homeless alcoholic, still living in a fantasy world, and refusing to take off the outfit. Tattered, grimy, holes in it, etc. (Think Billy Bob Thornton in Bad Santa)
monikuhhh5 years ago
same here, i don't have pro and i need the pdf file for the pattern. i just really want to make this hood D:
jessyratfink (author)  monikuhhh5 years ago
Go to step two and download the PDF at the bottom of that step! It's totally free! The last step PDF is actually a copy of the whole instructable, and I think it's been confusing a lot of people! :P
this is simply adorable! is there any way i can download your pattern without having a PRO account? i'm a cheap art student who's been trying to find a Max hat pattern for weeks.
jessyratfink (author)  indianwolves5 years ago
Yep! Go to step two and download the PDF at the bottom of that step! The last step PDF is actually a copy of the whole instructable, and I think it's been confusing a lot of people! :P
aksather5 years ago
I'm SO excited about making this!!!!! i'm going as Max for halloween and this is very VERY helpful!! can't wait to start!
itszackxd5 years ago
varsik5 years ago
Not threatening...at all ;)