Step 3: Assemble the hat pattern!

Picture of Assemble the hat pattern!
The four hat pieces will need to be overlapped and taped together. They have little diamonds so you know when they're lined up!

To assemble the hat pattern, do the following:
  • leave the top left piece whole
  • cut off the left edge of the upper right piece
  • cut off the top edge of the lower right piece
  • cut off both the top and right edge of the lower left piece
Then tape together, following the pictures, so the edges are overlapping!
wiccanbear3 years ago
ok odd question. is there a reason to making this 4 separate pieces instead of just one large piece. so that there is less sewing?
this might be a dumb question, but don't you mean cut off the left edge of the top right piece?
jessyratfink (author)  myowndenouement5 years ago
Oh geez. You are correct.

Good thing I attached a picture so everyone got it. Only wrong for 71,601 views! :D
i figured that's what it was, but this is honestly the first sewing project i've ever attempted, so i wanted to make sure i wasn't just totally screwed up. thanks!

that's definitely 71,601 people who are smarter than i. : )