Picture of Sew a Woman's Summer Visor
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This custom sewn visor is the perfect spring and summer accessory. The long brim is both functional and fashionable. Once you've made your pattern, the hat is simple enough to create and embellish that you can make several to coordinate with your outfit or mood. Because it only takes 1/2 a yard of fabric, it's a perfect way to use some great fabrics as features in your warm weather wardrobe.

To make one visor, you will need:
Paper for tracing out patterns
1/2 yard fabric -- I used cotton but fabrics with similar properties should work as well
1/2 yard heavy fusible interfacing*
1/2" elastic (about 7")

*The interfacing I purchased was Pellon 931TD, labeled as "medium to heavyweight" which isn't particularly thick or inflexible. If your interfacing is quite stiff and thick, it's too heavy for these instructions as I've written them.

Step 1: The Brim Pattern

Picture of The Brim Pattern
On a large sheet of paper, draw a vertical line 9 1/2" long.
1. Draw a half circle with a 3 3/4" radius using the bottom of the line as the center.
2. Measure up 4.5 from the bottom point and draw a half circle with a 4 1/2" radius using this point as the center.
3. Draw vertical lines down from the sides of the larger arcs and connect them to the bottom of the smaller circle using gentle curves.
hpittman3 years ago
Awesome! I can't have enough visors. Can't wait to try!