This is a very easy tutorial, but difficult to explain, I am doing my best to teach you how to sew this, if there are any questions please inbox me or mention in the comments below. I am not a professional; I am just a beginner to sewing. Ideas and suggestions appreciated :) Let’s get started

Step 1: Begin to draw.

You can draw on paper, or with computer software. Either way, outline the basic shape of the garment you wish to design, starting with big ideas and adding details as you refine the drawing.
<p>@ beautiful and u made it look so easy</p>
<p>thank you :)</p>
What is the measurement of line Z?
<p>sorry for the late reply, you should probably measure around the baby's chest and add 1 inch and divide it by 4. that should be your measurement of line Z</p>
<p>very nice, how much cloth we should take to sew this frock</p>
<p>if a chubby girl would take 2 yards of fabric.. or 1 12 yards will be enough </p>
Ok, thank u
ok thanks i made it but it came out to small as if it was for a new born :(...dont know y :(
oops that's sad to hear. if you have any basic knowledge of sewing, you could adjust the measurements, or get me the measurement around the chest,frock length, and shoulder length. i'll assist you to make a block.
in the arm hole step u have marked 1 n half inch from which point ? from the point N ? or from above ? reply ASAP <br>great work Im trying to stitch this frock :)
you have mark 1 1/2&quot; upwards from the point which is above 'N'. hope that helps.
very nice
:) thank you

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