This is a how to for sewing a Lace bracelet. It was pointed out to me later that this could also be used as a baby’s bonnet. Please be careful with the scissors and sewing needle. This Instructable is on my website also. Enjoy!! -

Oh ya: This is my first Instructable ~-~
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Step 1: Gather the supplies

Picture of Gather the supplies
Gather all of the supplies you will need to make the lace bracelet. You don’t have to stick to my materials list EXACTLY (duh!) be creative, and depending on your sewing skills you can use harder to sew fabrics, such as silk.

You’ll need:

- Sewing Measuring Tape
- Material Scissors
- Sewing Needle and Thread
- Sewing Pins
- Ribbon
- Material
- Lace Trim

Step 2: Measure

Measure the distance around your wrist using the measuring tape. Remember or write down the measurement on paper for step 2. This will determine how long your bracelet must be to wrap around your wrist.

Step 3: Measure & Cut Fabric

Lye out your fabric, GOOD SIDE DOWN on a flat surface, such as a table. Using your measuring tape and measurement from step one, us a pencil/pen/chalk to mark on your fabric a dot the distance measured in step 1, from the very edge of your fabric. Add a little length so that you have some sewing leverage. Now, determine how wide you would like your lace bracelet. Once you have determined this, measure from a neighboring edge of the fabric toward the center of the fabric. You should now have a picture of a rectangle. Next is to cut out this rectangle with your scissor ( BE CAREFUL), then cut out another identical rectangle. (I used a pin to mark on my fabric)

Step 4: ................................................................................................................................................................

Place the two cut out rectangles good sides facing each other. Use a pin to hold them together for now. Grab your Lace trip and hold it to each longer side of your materiel. Using your scissors again, cut the lace so that you now have two identical lengths of lace trimming for the sides of your lace bracelet.
Frogtail3 years ago
is it possible to make it with a sewing machine or do you have to sew it by hand every time you make the thing?
J_SCAP6 years ago
sweet now i can hide all my cutts..... i mean uhhhh yeah i cant really coverthat one up can i =P
Tomkatt6 years ago
Yay i'm gonna try and find some black material similar to this and "goth it up" so to speak. dankeshein :)
Hungry_Myst7 years ago
Heh, this is cute. I'd try it but, you know, I'm a guy. Perhaps I'll try something similar when I get a girlfriend.
hehehe u're funny. n_n
jeffreyf7 years ago
This is a great Instructable. Thank you!
hethlee7 years ago
aww.. this is cute! I might have to make one!

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