Step 6: Adding a Thumb Hole

The basic form of the glove is done, but there is one more thing to do before we can call it a glove: add the thumb hole.

Lay one glove flat and lay your hand over it, as though you were wearing the glove, thus placing your fingers at the proper height. Stick your thumb out 90 degrees, and place one pin on either side of it. This is where the thumb hole will go. Transfer this mark to the second glove.

Going very slowly and following the instructions in your sewing machine manual, stitch a buttonhole in the glove between the pins indicating the thumb hole. Unfortunately, I cannot give more details than this, since each sewing machine sews buttonholes differently. Once you have sewn your buttonhole, use a seam ripper to rip open the hole between the lines of stitching. Try out the fit, then repeat with the second glove.

just made some of these out of a favorite hoodie i shrank in the dryer. i've wanted fingerless gloves for so long, but i've never been able to buy or knit any that i liked. great idea, easy ible, and now my hands will be warm while i game :) thanks for posting this!
Nice job, and good photos, featured. <br /> <br /> Also these gloves keep a pint of beer cold and your hand warm, but someone ill get upset about beer gloves later...<br />
But really, beer gloves are a small price to pay for a cold beer, wouldn't you think? <br />
Oh aye, not to mention warm hands at the same time... <br />

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