I really liked my old leather wallet but the model has been taken out of production so I had to make my own. Since I didn't had any good piece of leather at home I decided to make it out of oilcloth since I had some at home.

NOTE: The wallet will only hold cards and bills. I don't like coins.

NOTE: Make sure that the bills in your country fit in the wallet before you start making it. It is easy to make it wider if you just consider it before you start.

Below is a picture of what my new snazzy wallet look like. The fabric is made by Tom Hedqvist one of the members in the Swedish design group 10-gruppen. I picked a red thread that stands out and is a part of the design rather than just something to keep the thing together.

Step 1: Materials

The materials you need is:

- A piece of oil cloth
- Some thread
- Textile scissors
- Any normal tape (not too sticky)
- Standard scissors (for the tape)
- A sewing machine
- A ruler or similar
- A pen to mark where to cut the cloth (I used a ballpoint pen)
- Stiff paper to make templates for the parts (optional)

Tape is used in stead of needles. Needles will make nasty wholes in the oil cloth. Just remember to remove the tape before sewing through it. It might get messy...

My sewing machine happens to be a very advanced one but I only use straight stitches so any sewing machine will do. A feature that will help though is a presser foot with some non-stick surface (like a frying pan) since the oil cloth has high friction. There are "glide plates" you can attach to any presser foot as an option to this special presser foot.

is oil cloth harder cloth or sliky if it is harder could deinium work for this sorry for my grammer

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