Step 13: Trim excess backing & batting.

Picture of Trim excess backing & batting.
I love this step too, as you can really see your project nearing completion! It's a great feeling! Woot!

Using scissors or rotary cutter, carefully trim off the excess batting & backing fabric. Don't throw it out! These little scraps of batting are perfect for crafts, soft toys & Christmas tree ornaments. Likewise for the backing fabric.  If you haven't crazy quilted, you might not know that pieces as small as an inch square are quite useful. (I know, hoard much? lol)

Some quilters might balk at this step, as this excess backing fabric can be wrapped around the front and sewn as the binding. I don't mind that method, but with a baby quilt that you hope will get lots of use and lots of love, the double thickness of the binding I'm going to show you in the next step will stand up to years of love and use!