Picture of Sew a warm shearling hat
As a custom boot maker, I could not bring myself to wear a hat made of polyester during the holiday season.  After Christmas this last year, I needed a different hat to keep my ears warm that did not have the holiday styling.  I reworked my "Santa" pattern to create a new one.  I am a great fan of all things antique, including the styles that pop in and out of fashion. Here are instructions for my second version shearling hat.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
sewing machine.JPG
There are not many parts to this hat. 
-Shearling -about half of a small fleece
-Soft leather - about one square foot
-Scrap wool blanket - about one square foot

Very few tools are necessary.
-a sheet of newsprint for patterns
-measuring, marking, and cutting tools
-your favorite way to sew
              (mine happens to be a treadle powered Singer sewing machine made in 1896)

Step 2: Create the pattern

Picture of Create the pattern
To begin this project, we need one simple measurement to make our patterns.
Wrap a single layer of shearling around the head to be fit and measure just above the ears.
On this hat the measurement is 23 inches.
Draw a rectangle 23 inches long by 8 inches wide to which 1/4 inch is added for a seam allowance on all sides.
The second part of the pattern is only a little more difficult.
Draw an oval with a circumference of 23 inches. ( I measured the opening of a felt hat for length and width of the oval.)
To raise the top up about one inch I added a second oval one inch (+ 1/4 inch seam allowance) outside the original line.
This of course is an oval that is greater than 23 inches so I placed four darts around the circumference to bring it back.  They are about 2 inches deep toward the center of the hat to give it a more slanted top.
Cut this piece out of the paper.
Barlow.H.T2 months ago

neat instructions neat looking hat too

cokecola5 years ago
A hat like that would be great for as cold as gets in north central Nebraska.
scoochmaroo5 years ago
The talcum powder in step 3 is a great tip!
bootmaker (author)  scoochmaroo5 years ago
Thanks, I wish I could claim it.  This method of marking is an old bootmaker tip for laying out the tops.
cokecola5 years ago
Cool hat Kyle.
fultron895 years ago
The mustache says "I killed and skinned whatever the hell my hat is made out of with my bare hands."