As a custom boot maker, I could not bring myself to wear a hat made of polyester during the holiday season.  After Christmas this last year, I needed a different hat to keep my ears warm that did not have the holiday styling.  I reworked my "Santa" pattern to create a new one.  I am a great fan of all things antique, including the styles that pop in and out of fashion. Here are instructions for my second version shearling hat.

Step 1: Materials

There are not many parts to this hat. 
-Shearling -about half of a small fleece
-Soft leather - about one square foot
-Scrap wool blanket - about one square foot

Very few tools are necessary.
-a sheet of newsprint for patterns
-measuring, marking, and cutting tools
-your favorite way to sew
              (mine happens to be a treadle powered Singer sewing machine made in 1896)
<p>neat instructions neat looking hat too</p>
A hat like that would be great for as cold as gets in north central Nebraska.<br />
The talcum powder in step 3 is a great tip!<br />
Thanks, I wish I could claim it.&nbsp; This method of marking is an old bootmaker tip for laying out the tops.
Cool hat Kyle.<br />
The mustache says &quot;I killed and skinned whatever the hell my hat is made out of with my bare hands.&quot;<br /> <br />

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