Scarves are one of the best things when it comes to keeping warm in the winter, and they make a fantastic fashion accessory as well! Why not take a favorite sweater that has out-lived its use, and give it a second chance at life in the form of a scarf?  Not only will you be able to hold on to your beloved sweater for just a bit longer, your neck will thank you when the temperature outside dips below zero - or more.

This is the companion instructable to Sew a set of upcycled sweater fingerless gloves. You can make both projects using the same sweater, and create a matching set for maximum warmth!

Step 1: What You'll Need

Gather together the following items to create this toasty winter neck warmer:

 - One old sweater (it can be made of anything - fabric, knitted or crocheted - it doesn't matter)
 - One half yard/meter of fleece, in a color that matches your sweater
 - Matching color of thread
 - Scissors
 - Straight pins
 - Yard/meter stick or measuring tape
 - One large button (1 3/4" diameter or larger)
 - Sewing needle
 - Seam ripper
 - Scraps of felt
 - Hot-glue gun
 - sewing machine*

*This project is put together using a sewing machine, so I have outline the steps of the instructable as such, HOWEVER, this does not mean it cannot be completed by hand. In fact, I commend you if you choose to sew this scarf project by hand. It takes a lot of patience - of which I have never had.

Great and thorough instuctions! Question: have you ever worked with seam/ bias tape to hold your upcycled sweater edges better? I'm worried that my sweater yarns will unravel, even with the zigzag stitch.
It would certainly add to the secureness of the edges, but I have been using my scarf for over a year now and have not experienced any issues with the edges fraying, as they are secured safely inside two seam lines. You could omit step 4 and 5 completely, and just sew a double-wide bias tape around the edge of the scarf. It would allow you to add a contrasting colour to change the look of the scarf. Let me know how it goes if you follow this step!
That's a great scarf, the flower is a nice touch.<br />
Thank you!<br />

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